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After all the fun and frolicking during our birthday event last week, it’s time to get back to reality! We’ve gone behind-the-scenes with our lovely presenter Dennice for a quick chat.

What did you do before being a presenter at Ideal World?

“I was in commercial radio before I joined Ideal World! I was at two radio stations and in total, I think I worked about 15 years in radio. This is better though!”

What do you like to do on your days off?

“My days off are always taken up because there’s my daughter Laura, who has special needs so she’s with me all the time. I also look after the grandchildren one day a week. I love shopping, I love going out to lunch and I love being lazy when I’m at home!”

Funniest moment on air?

“It was recently! It was with James Greenwell and Protocol and it was so hilarious, that I literally couldn’t stop laughing. We had to throw in a clip of film and it was really bad because I thought I was gonna die! I had a chest infection at the time and I was wheezing, I couldn’t breathe and I just thought ‘I’m just gonna go!’

“James was squeezing some stuff on to the back of his hand and then on a close-up, the whole thing literally exploded all over his hand! It looked really bad!”

Do you have any party tricks?

“Nope, none! No party tricks, no special talents whatsoever. I love being a presenter though, it’s the pinnacle for me. It’s so much fun!”

Do you have any pet peeves?

“Yeah but it’s embarrassing – it’s my mum’s fault! It’s pronunciation. Putting extra ts in words. Saying ‘haitch’ instead of ‘aitch’ and every single time I hear it, wherever I am I want to say something!”

To see when Dennice will next be on your screens, check out our TV schedule and stay tuned for more exclusive, behind the scenes content here at Ideal World.

5 thoughts on “Exclusive Q&A with Dennice!


    Love Dennice – I get really grumpy when people say somethink instead of something – really common mistake that ! Oh yes and why do all presenters on all shopping channels call a bolero – a bol – ERO , which is a very famous dance by Ravel . I think it’s an age thing – Grumpy Old Woman syndrome lol x


      We have always called them bol ero not bollero and we wore them often when we were growing up in the 50’s but I also hate people saying haitch instead of aitch, I always say aitch is the only letter that has a spelling. Drives me insane. Others are axe instead of ask, would of instead of would have to name a few.

  2. AvatarSleazy Click

    Hi Dennice, blast from the past! Sleazy here! Now living in the USA. Left David and remarried! Hope you are well!

  3. AvatarBarbara wilkins

    I really like her too, she’s my favourite presenter! Always so down to earth. I love watching her. She speaks slowly and clearly! Lovely lady!!


    Love you doing the fashion shows Dennice because you always tell us what size your wearing and if you need to size up or down in certain garments which is very helpful. It would be lovely to see Laura doing some more fashion shows with you.


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