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So it’s nearly Easter. I’ve been thinking back to when I was a child, I don’t think we had such a long time off school back then, but I remember painting boiled eggs and decorating Easter bonnets at school.

Grandma and Grandad always came for Easter Sunday, we did see them most Sundays but any big family day they would come to us. I was lucky I had all four of my Grandparents until I was in my 20’s, so they were always a huge part of my and life.

When I was young we went to church every week, so obviously Palm Sunday and Easter were a trip to the village church, it’s where I started my love of singing, the sound of singing in church is gorgeous and did eventually become a singer and dancer.

Easter morning we would get up to Easter eggs at our places on the kitchen table, my Mum and Dad’s kitchen was always (and still is) my safe place, as it really always has been the heart of our home. My Dad built our house so every brick is special but the kitchen is where the heart beats loudest.

We would always have small chocolate toffee eggs in a long box with rabbits on and with lots of extra bits and pieces, toy Easter chicks or bunnies – an Easter bag of goodies. Mum’s Easter lunch was always amazing, Mum does the best Sunday roasts and incredible deserts. I never inherited Mums cooking skills but was thoroughly spoilt with fabulous food through all my childhood, late teen, twenties, up to the the present day!

Easter tea was my favourite, with a lovely choice of sandwiches and salad, freshly cooked ham, salmon, freshly made scones and cream and cakes and the most amazing Easter sponge cake with butter cream and mini eggs on top, with little chicks the works!

I tried to copy my Mums’s Easter cake, on a competition on Ideal World a few years ago, on a Kenwood Pick of the Day. Sadly I was pipped to the post by Dean, from Create and Craft, his cake was the winner, but I sill feel it was a fix!!! Mine was amazing! So many decorations!! Not as good as Mums but think a first prize effort had gone into it! But second place for me!

My Mum had a Kenwood and still swears by it and uses it every week and I can’t wait to be working with Kenwood on Monday at midday, we have such an incredible deal for you on our new Cheft Sence Colour Stand Mixer – just £329.99!

So this Easter Mum will be with us, I am working but we will be able to have Easter dinner together. Looking forward to Easter at Ideal World too, my other family, on Good Friday I have two fabulous Garden Bargain hours at 11am, which I love & always I end up buying loads but love the garden looking good and our prices make it so affordable and love having first choice on all the very different unusual plants that Peter brings us too. Had a big garden sort out yesterday with my G-Tech hedge cutter! Three green bins full! Spring gardening has really started!

We also have a great deal this weekend on the E-life bikes too, lots of my favourites over the whole of Easter.

Don’t forget, this Easter all our deals are only available until 9pm on Easter Monday! So make sure you grab a egg-cellent deal while you can >

So Happy Easter to you all, hope you have a lovely weekend. It is all about family time but remember we see you as part of our family so please join us for lots of fun, Easter eggs (I hope!) and games!!

Family, friendship and fun, I’ll meet you there.

Hayley xxxx

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  1. Marie

    Happy Easter Hayley i hope you have a lovely day.growing up in Ireland wit g,parents. we went to Mass had big cooked b,fast..i always had new clothes and choc eggs.when i had my kids we baked hot cross buns,easter cake,they grew up my daugh has 4 bake with them now all grown up to 3of them have kids now.dont see them much.see my son .family in Ireland mostly gone now.just cousions left not hear fr them.i prob spend day on my own like any other sunday.got used to it.watch what i like do same.luv to see u on tv take care Marie xxx


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