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Smell divine, feel divine, be divine; that is the mantra this exquisite Divine Decadence Perfume brand repeats again and again. The Divine Decadence woman is a force to be reckoned with, with a variety of tempting scents available in the range. But if you’re finding it hard deciding on which scent is for you, treat yourself to the entire collection with the option of two miniature gift boxes! Afterall, the Divine Decadence within you deserves it.  Catch these fabulous ‘fumes at 6pm on Thursday 21st June as part of £20 day!

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Cool Summer Days 

The first Ozonic fragrance in the Divine Decadence range. It’s a category that was invented in the late ’80s, and is one that brings to mind the sea, the ocean, the beach. There’s a citrus burst followed by an explosion of tropical fruit. It’s summer in a bottle and the perfect uplifting fragrance for sticky city summer days. The pure perfume strength means that it will keep you cool as a cucumber.

Hot Summer Nights

Inspired by a holiday taken in the Caribbean in the ’90s, this is a paean to decadence and partying in the sun. Night blooming jasmine and notes of ylang ylang combine to make the ultimate floral fragrance for a woman who loves life. The perfume strength means you can dance till dawn under the stars and smell amazing every second.

Viva La Diva

Viva la Diva is the brightest and freshest in the range. It’s a gloriously bright and radiant fragrance with heart notes of Cassis and dewberry, giving it the feel of a glass of vintage champagne. This soft and fruity berry fragrance is ideal for women who enjoy wearing fresh uplifting playful scents. Dewberry was Peter Sherlock’s favourite smell as a late teenager, and this is his most carefree, youthful fragrance.

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Empress of Love 

The best-selling Divine Decadence fragrance, Empress of Love is a classic floriental fragrance inspired by the rich full-bodied French fragrances. The sweet, heavy scent of the night-blooming Tuberose; the rejuvenating scent of Jasmine; and the romantic scent of the classic rose blend with a warm, nutty vanilla. Rich, buttery and seductive, Empress of Love is a scent designed for bold moments.

Leading Lady

Inspired by the great fragrances of the roaring twenties, Leading Lady is a shimmering aldehydic fragrance containing powdery rose, jasmine, tolu, myrrh, clove and ylang ylang. Light woody and fruity notes are created by mandarin, violet, leaf, sandalwood and blackcurrant. The aldehydes complement the scent, transforming the florals into luxurious vintage champagne tones. This enchanting fragrance will help you to make an impact in your everyday life.

Phenomenal Women

Sweet and alluring with jasmine and hints of French vanilla and Turkish Rose, Phenomenal Women is an irresistible scent that will draw and captivate attention. With an earthy undertone of Musk and Angelica root, Phenomenal Women is a scent perfect for an on the go woman.


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