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Get that taste of summer this season and discover our Kitchen Hub recipes! Whether you are entertaining guests in your garden, have planned a romantic picnic just for two or are thirsty for a girl’s night in, we have you covered with our appetising seasonal recipes. Our in-house team will have you cooking up a storm with our unique recipes and tantalising food photography which has just launched on our Kitchen Hub. Not only that but we’ve also got the cooking products to help you make your summer delicious! So whilst you try to resist drooling over our mouth-watering meals, here is a sneak peek of what you can find this summer on our Kitchen Hub.


Peasant’s Gazpacho Soup

Impress your guests this summer with this exotic yet simple to make soup. Keep cool with chopped cucumber and herby ice cubes, with the extra option of sprinkling a handful of crusty croutons to give this dish some crunch! Check out our Kitchen Hub for the full recipe.


Posh Fish ‘n’ Chunky Chips

You simply cannot beat good old-fashioned fish and chips. Whether you gobble it up straight off the crinkled newspaper or douse yours with lashes of vinegar, there is just something so quintessentially British about this summer dish! Check out our Kitchen Hub for the full recipe.


Giant Coconut and Lime Cake

The sweet smell of coconut and freshly squeezed lime floating through the air is one of life’s little luxuries. So stop and smell the summer by adding some zest into your cooking. Check out our Kitchen Hub for the full recipe.


Summer Citrus Zinger Cocktail with Flowered Cubes

This summery beverage tastes wonderful and what’s more it looks absolutely stunning! Treat yourself to something fabulous this hot weather and get ready to raise a gorgeous cocktail glass with friends. Check out our Kitchen Hub for the full recipe.

Which recipe are you going to try first? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter or drop us a comment below! And don’t forget to check out all of our summer recipes on our Kitchen Hub.

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