Dennice Robinson Reveals All

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I caught up with the lovely Dennice Robinson to get all the behind the scenes gossip. Take a look at the videos below to get the latest lowdown.

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Dan Bancroft

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I'm thrilled to become a member of the presenting team at Ideal World and can't wait to bring you behind the scenes sneak-peeks of the studio and beyond on social media. Don't forget to send me your questions & queries about your favourite products, for the presenters & our expert guests - I've been given free rein to ask them pretty much anything!

2 thoughts on “Dennice Robinson Reveals All

  1. Gaynor Cooper - aka Fashionista1

    Hi Dennice,
    LOVE all of your shows – you are our favourite presenter (myself and my 5 friends!!). Many thanks for the photograph you sent of yourself which was included with Rebecca’s very generous gifts to myself and my friends (the gold coloured necklace). We all think that you’re so professional, informative and very ‘human’ (if that makes sense!). Love how you ask the models what size they are wearing as this really does help when deciding which size to buy! Carry on your fantastic work! – Does anyone know what’s happened to Loen and if she’s ever going to come back to Ideal World?
    Regards, Fashionista1 – and friends


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