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Hi I’m Dan and I’m your new eyes and ears behind the scenes at Ideal World. I’ll be answering your questions, comments & queries mixed with a shed load of exclusive behind the scenes videos created just for you!

Over the last few months we have been given access to all areas of Ideal World (backstage, the studio and beyond) to bring you never-seen-before insights and interviews. This includes posing your questions to our presenters & experts, “Making Of” features and finding exclusive web offers. Think of us as the ultimate extras on the Ideal World DVD… but online!

It’s so easy to join in the fun, join me on my Facebook page “Dan on Ideal”, or if you’re a tweeter, follow @idealworldTV using #IWTV. The funs only just getting started, and everyone’s invited!

I have been given permission to exclusively interview your favourite Ideal World presenters. I’m not asking them about there favourite products or demos however, I’m getting a little more personal!

So if you’ve ever wondered what happened when our Mike Mason worked with Ewan McGregor, or details as about his secret life as a ballroom dancer (it’s true!), then make sure you check out our premier presenter interview with Mr Mason online now. Don’t worry no presenter will be missed, so if you have any questions for your favourite do let me know, join my Facebook page.

Dan Bancroft

About Dan Bancroft

I'm thrilled to become a member of the presenting team at Ideal World and can't wait to bring you behind the scenes sneak-peeks of the studio and beyond on social media. Don't forget to send me your questions & queries about your favourite products, for the presenters & our expert guests - I've been given free rein to ask them pretty much anything!

6 thoughts on “Dan Cam: Your Exclusive Sneak Peek

  1. mark

    dan i am looking for a smart phone and am interested in the acer liquid i saw on you tv program
    some questions is it as god as described or is it better looking for other brands
    i am not up on latest tec but do need a good phone for connecting to hands free in a car and uppdateable sat nav would be a bonus as i drive alot
    also i have looked at prestigeo / kazam / witch one would your expert reccomend
    i would like a samsung 6 edge but its to much for a phone

    1. Ideal World

      Hi Mark,

      Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately the Acer isn’t in stock at the moment however we I would suggest the GoFone GF50X (Quad Core Processor, 8MP camera and large 5 inch high quality screen). This costs £89-£99 on our website. There is also a 5.5 inch version which is £119.99 and is identical other than the larger screen. Phones of this size of other brands typically cost 2 -3 times as much so it is great value for money when considering screen size, speed and camera quality.

      With regards to sat nav, the phones have GPS built in to connect to navigation satellites, however the quality of the navigation will depend on the actual navigation app you are using, some of which are free and some of which cost a few pounds.

      I hope that helps, let me know if you need anything else.


  2. Jenny sutton

    Do you sell the tops that the presenters were wearing on the last part of the show tonight. (The ones with the hole pattern)

  3. Charles Beavis

    Hi Dan
    Can you tell me now that Derek has retired are we still going to get those GREAT deals he did for Ideal customers on Karcher products, in particular the Karcher K4 Silent. Also can you inform me when it will be on again as the Pick of the Day.


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