A Cosy Night in with Hayley

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A cosy night in with Hayley

Sometimes, at the end of a long day all you want to do is get your favourite pair of slippers on, pour yourself a glass of wine and have a cosy night in. It’s that time of year where the nights draw in and the motivation to do anything productive suddenly wanes. So, with the help of the lovely Hayley Green, we’ve put together a few top tips for the perfect cosy night in!

What makes the perfect night in?

Hayley: A cosy night in for me is when it’s freezing cold outside but I’m toasty warm inside and curled up on a comfortable chair.

Tip 1: Get Toasty Warm

First things first, when the air is getting chilly outside it’s essential to be warm, and snuggly inside. If you’re not one of those lucky individuals to own an open log fire, heat up your home with the Green Energy compact radiator. Designed with a specially designed ceramic core, these clever radiators store heat and continue to give off heat after they are switched off!

Alternatively, find the cosiest, softest jumper you own- you know the one. It’s been sitting in the back of your wardrobe since last winter, waiting patiently for the chill in the air. Try this gorgeous Nicole Cowl Neck Jumper to snuggle in to when the temperature drops!

How do you set the atmosphere?

Hayley: I’ll put the lights down low and the light my vanilla scented candles, it fills the air with such amazing scents!

Tip 2: Light up the night with flickering candles

A few scented candles or tea lights dotted around the room can give you just enough light, whilst filling the air with your favourite scents. For the ultimate in relaxation, run yourself a bath, pop on your favourite facemask and go crazy with the bubble bath!

What’s the ultimate cosy night-in activity?

Hayley: I’ll be curled up with a hot milky drink and a great book like Lee Child or Harlan Coban, or a glass of wine and a fab winter film like ‘The Holiday’ or ‘Sleepless in Seattle.’ I’m in my Cosy Ideal Heaven!

Tip 3: Find a movie or book to get lost in

It can be any genre you wish- or even a film or book that you just haven’t had the time to watch yet. If you’re not into long-winded books, grab a couple of magazines and get cosy, maybe pick out a dream outfit or holiday?

Grab a glass of wine and join Mike tonight at 9pm for a very special Ceramic Heating Pick of the day. Have you got a top tip for the ultimate cosy night in? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!


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