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Genevieve looks forward to Ideal World’s 17th Birthday

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I am so excited to be celebrating Ideal World’s 17th Birthday!

I have been so lucky to have celebrated many Ideal World Birthday’s and it’s always the highlight of the year. I love the atmosphere, the excitement of the lead up and the fantastic shows. We love the free P&P too!

There have been so many great memories – meeting our live studio audience was one of the best – and funny moments both in front of the camera and behind; from talking ginger cats (Janice Philips) to fits of giggles and wearing a dress back to front (I thought it looked fine!). It’s great that we get to share these moments with all of our viewers.

The one thing that stands out the most is the pride we have Ideal World and the hard work that everyone puts in everyday.

As you know fashion has been a huge part of my life at Ideal World and I am so proud to work with our amazing team. Our fashion has grown  so much over the years and I especially love our Birthday FRIDAY Fashion. It’s always so busy with lots of new products, specials and, of course FREE P&P.

This Birthday, not only do we have a stunning line up on Friday Fashion, we also have a fantastic Pick of the Day to launch the Fashion celebrations.

I am delighted to be launching the beautiful Nicole Pick of the Day on Wednesday, you are going to love the new colours! From pastels to neutrals – I have my eye on a gorgeous red. I also think we may sell out! I won’t give away too much as I don’t want to spoil the surprise..

Then on Friday at 3pm join me for the spectacular Friday Fashion Birthday special. I have had a preview of the brand new ranges of prints, colours and our best selling tapered trousers with a new collection of summer colours, all I am going to say is that it’s going to be a very, very busy show! Did I mention Free P&P?

My other love is beauty and I am so proud of our beauty team, they bring us the very best in skincare, beauty and haircare and our beauty Pick Of The Day is SKINN, I am so excited to tell you that Dimitri James is flying over from the states to launch the new Skinn on Thursday night at 9pm. All the hero products will be available plus brand new products too! It’s my skincare of choice and I love the brand, so will you!

Join me at 9pm Wednesday and at 3pm on Friday for fashion and at 9pm Thursday for our Birthday Beauty Pick  Of the Day.

Here’s to another 17 years!

Lots of love
Genevieve xx

Shaun is looking forward to Ideal World’s 17th Birthday!

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Shaun’s looking forward to Ideal World’s 17th Birthday, launching 5pm Wednesday 29th March…

“Well as many of you know this week is Ideal World’s 17th Birthday and we all couldn’t be more excited! I have been with the channel since the very beginning and have many fond memories of our various birthdays and the crazy fun times that we always have.

The things I love most about the birthday are definitely the amazing deals and obviously the free P&P, but also the laughs and great atmosphere that Birthday always brings. We usually try to have all the presenters in over the weekend which means that a lot of us get to pop into each other’s shows and have a bit of Birthday banter. We also love to show more of the crew during this events and take you a bit more behind-the-scenes which can be really insightful.

Make sure you keep your eye out for me on some great shows during Birthday including lots of gardening hours – I am also definitely looking forward to the brand new Vibrapower Slim 2 Pick Of The Day launching from 9pm on Saturday night! I’m not allowed to tell you too much about it but if you want to tone up for Summer and loose a few pounds then this new addition to the range features the latest vibration technology and design and is believed to be the most effective yet. It is also exclusive to Ideal World customers too!

I hope you can join us for our Birthday from 5pm Wednesday 29th March – I promise it will be very entertaining with some great new products. It’s great to still be here after all this time and a lot has changed since I began but the heart of Ideal World has always been the same – Family Friendship and Fun.

See you soon, Shaun xx

Ps. The photo is of me is my first publicity shot when I first started 17 years ago!”

Shaun’s Spring Garden

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Hello again my gardening friends,

To be honest I haven’t done a lot in the garden since last time I posted, unfortunately on the few sunny days we have had I have either been at work or had already made plans to do other things so it hasn’t allowed me to do much outdoors.

My mum came to see me and stayed for a couple of days over last week and we had planned to do quite a lot of gardening but it really was too cold for her so we went out shopping for the day instead and then had a lovely evening in our village pub – the red wine there definitely warmed her up!

However, despite neglecting the garden a little over the past 10 days or so it really has started to come to life again. There are hundreds of narcissus bulbs now in flower which give the garden a true feeling of spring and my red crimson peach tree which featured on the gardening show over the weekend is now proudly coming out in the most beautiful blossom so hopefully it will bare loads of fruit. I really do love this time of year and it’s great to say goodbye to the winter and plan for the summer months and summer bedding.

I am actually in the process of choosing a new greenhouse as I want something quite big to work in with enough room to grow on hundreds of summer plug plants so I am looking forward to getting that sorted this week. I have also checked the weather for the next seven days and it looks pretty good so hopefully I will get a lot more done.

Don’t forget to tune in on Sunday from 11am to see me in our Gardening destination show for some fantastic deals on our Plant of the Month English Lavender Munstead 12x Jumbo Plugs and our Everbearer Strawberry Sweet Summer 20x Runners plus a mix of plant collections including Germanias!

Thanks again for reading

All the best,
Shaun x


Ps next time I post the clocks with have changed and the light nights will have begun- almost time to get the BBQ out!

Sprucing up for Spring with Sally Jacks

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Spring Home

Sprucing up for Spring….

After the success of our “Spruce up for Spring” event, I was inspired to start the spring clean on our family home. With all the travelling and work I do, it is something that I really cherish. Since decorating my lounge at the back end of last year, we have noticed how tired the rest of the house looks.

If you watch my vlog from Christmas day, you will see that my conservatory is in desperate need of a make over. I have now decided to make a move and the wheels are in motion! The curtains are on order and being a typical woman I can’t wait to accessorise.

As it’s that time of year, all the talk in my house is about decorating so we are also putting a lick of paint in a few rooms to spruce them up and give them a new lease of life. I can’t wait to get the Wagner back out and start painting.

Thinking about sprucing up your home this Spring? We have some fabulous products to aid painting rooms, decorating and sprucing up the garden.

Chef Joe’s exciting new Kenwood kMix launch

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Kenwood Kmix






It’s all go at Ideal World, the team and I are all busy working on new products and exciting deals to bring you over the coming months.

This weekend sees the most exciting launch of the year so far for us, as we unveil the all new Kenwood kMix. The previous kMix machine was voted the UK’s favourite stand mixer by Which? in 2016. The Kenwood brand have proudly designed and manufactured cutting edge, stylish and efficient kitchen appliances since 1947. As the experts in food preparation, their focus is to ensure every Kenwood product enhances your enjoyment of cooking with the greatest of ease. Knowing the great lengths at which Kenwood strive to continually improve their incredible range, I for one am really excited!

Almost as exciting as this unveiling is the fact that I am being joined by a very special guest for the lives shows…..none other than Mich Turner MBE! Mich has made over 10,000 cakes and can count Her Majesty the Queen, Madonna, the Beckhams and Simon Cowell amongst her many celebrity clients. Having trained as a food scientist, Mich has gone on to write five international best-selling books and we are excited to have her showcasing recipes from her brand new publication “Have your cake and eat it”

Before then however, I am off to Sweden…the land of Ikea and the smorgasbord for a bit of r and r before all the excitement. I hope you all have a wonderful week whatever you’re up to and don’t forget to join myself and Mich Turner MBE on Saturday 18th March at 9pm.

kMix logo

Shaun talks Gardening

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Hello to everyone, and particularly my gardening buddies out there!

From now on I will be doing a weekly gardening blog as a bit of fun and to share with you some of the things that are happening in my own garden and some of the other gardens that I help maintain. This includes my mum’s garden, the village pub’s garden and the small piece of land as you enter my village that I have promised the Parish Council that I will look after. Sounds like I’ll be a busy boy this year so it’s a good job I love gardening! I also thought it would be nice to share with you pictures of some of the plants, trees and bulbs that I have grown from the gardening shows last year and prior to that.

I didn’t have a lot of time during the week to do much in the garden and the weather has been a bit all over the place recently – sometimes sunny but often cold and wet. I’ve sure many of you will have noticed that I’ve grown a gardeners beard to keep me warm, but it doesn’t really help with the rain! Having said that I still managed to tidy up quite a bit as well as doing a lot of pruning, dead heading and revamping of my winter hanging baskets.

I don’t know how many of you remember one of the plants of the month last year – the Narcissus. They were amazing value and I planted dozens of them in my baskets and pots. They are now all in bud and should be out my next weekend, another reminder that spring is just around the corner. There is more yellow in my garden this month too as my Mimosas which I got from the gardening shows last year is also in full flower and looks beautiful as you can see from the photo.

I will forward to seeing you all on the regular gardening show this Sunday at 11pm with the lovely Angela and lots of new plants and surprises. Thanks for reading my first blog and happy gardening.

Shaun xxxx

Joanne visits Pieroth Wines in Germany

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We find out where Ideal World presenter Joanne’s been hiding this past week, and it’s got something to do with our exciting new partner, Pieroth Wines.. 

“You may have been wondering, where have I been? Well…. I was lucky enough to be invited to visit the HQ of one of the world’s most exciting wine companies! So… I popped along with a few of my colleagues to meet Johannes Pieroth and his team at his family’s winery in Burg Layen ahead of the launch of Ideal World’s Pieroth Wine Tasting experience shows this Friday 10th March at 6pm, which I hope you will be able to tune in for live!

What an experience we had! With 350 years of wine making experience in his Family, Johannes was a wonderful guide and host. We got to tour the central hub and operational epicentre of their international wine business, which to this day is delivered in a very personal and charming way. It has been fascinating to learn that since the late fifties here in the UK Pieroth Wines have been delivering home wine tasting experiences with 20,000 wine tasting experiences sold last year! Which got me thinking…. What a unique and enjoyable way to spend time with family and friends – I am always looking for different ways to enjoy an evening with loved ones and this certainly would be that!

Wine Tasting at PierothSo if you have want to know a little more about wines and are looking for an enjoyable and unique way to spend some time with your friends and family, make sure you join us at 6pm this Friday 10th March for the first ever Pieroth Wine Tasting Show on Ideal World ahead of our exciting Girls Night In!

Joanne x”


Hayley enjoys Spring Gardening

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Hayley and Peter on a Gardening showIdeal World presenter Hayley tells us how she became interested in gardening and plants..

“What a great day Sunday was, it was our Ideal Spring Garden event and was a fabulously fun day. The fact we were busy from start to end makes you feel good because you then feel that the products were right, the prices were right and that everyone really enjoyed it.

I was lucky enough to have two shows with Lloyd Ashford-Thom with amazing deals from Spear and Jackson and then I had two hours of gardening with Peter McDermott and what a show, packed full of things we all wanted!

I’ve always loved gardening and fell in love with the beauty of plants when I started working at the garden shows, I absolutely loved Chelsea Flower Show.

Hayley and Lloyd on their Spear and Jackson showI’ve had many jobs, for years as a singer and dancer but also for many years as a demonstrator of products at shows and exhibitions – Chelsea Flower show was one of these shows we did for years and it was amazing. Sadly we never really had time to look around but we loved the atmosphere as they were always such wonderful busy days! They were long days 8am till 8pm, but come rain or shine or gale force winds the show was always packed. The weather never stopping the gardener, they still came!

Staying in London was always so expensive and trying to find somewhere affordable near to Chelsea was a nightmare. One year we rented a flat which from the window  (when you stand on your toes and lean out the window!) you could see the Thames. Not long after we were there, we were lucky enough to see the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations and they sailed right past our flat on the Royal barge.

It was a great character flat but was further from the show then we thought. We would always try and stay in walking distance but not this time , first we did have a long walk to the tube station and then a tube to Sloane Square and a final walk to the show! It meant very, very early starts but however early we left we always seemed to be running past Chelsea Royal Hospital in the hope we would be at the stand by 8am in time for opening! And always forgetting the bag check at the gate! Perhaps we needed to not go to bed at all and should just turn around and head straight back out the door as soon as we walked in to the flat! We still loved it though, what a show to make you fall in love with gardening.

Make sure you tune in this week for a whole week of gardening shows, including 6pm tonight, 9am Saturday and 11am-1pm Sunday.

Have a happy week and countdown to spring!”

Why Paul loves the Vibrapower range

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Ideal World presenter Paul Becque tells us why his Vibrapower equiptment has helped him lead a fitter and healthier life..

“Last week I couldn’t resist our Blockbuster Deal (which means our lowest ever price, but only whilst stocks last) on our top-of-the-range Vibrapower fitness equipment. This model is called the “HIIT” which provides High-Intensity Interval Training for the whole body.

Since retiring from the cruise ships in 2004, I’ve had a constant battle with my weight. Despite being a busy bee, I work out much less and am far less active than I used to be aboard the ships. Consequently, the pounds piled on and my waistline expanded – for a while I called it middle-age spread and accepted it as natural.

The Power of Focus

However, in 2014, as I approached the big 5-0, I decided that I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror and made a conscious decision to improve my health and fitness by simply being mindful of what I eat, drink and do. I began to pay attention to my calorie intake, started drinking less wine and more water, and added exercise to my daily routine with the original Vibrapower Disc. Since then I’ve been able to get my weight down from 13 stone to the NHS recommendation (for my personal profile) of 10 stone and 10 lbs and I’ve never felt better!

Because I thank the Vibrapower Disc for playing such a big part of my success, I felt that I deserved an upgrade to the top of the range model with an onboard computer (which I like to call my motivation monitor), and bluetooth speakers (to play smooth jazz from my iPhone).

Smart Exercise

Today’s Vibration Exercise (VbX) equipment differs dramatically from the old-fashioned vibrating-belt machines (I’m showing my age now!), which wrapped around your mid-section and pulsated back and forth. Essentially, the pulsing effect from the belt did nothing more than push your flesh around.

However, today’s vibration fitness machines, shake your whole body between 30 and 50 times per second. To compensate for this movement, your muscles involuntarily contract and relax as you naturally maintain your balance. It’s this constant attempt to balance yourself that forces your muscles to work hard enough to assist with weight loss and significant toning. That’s what I call “Smart Exercise”.

According to the theory behind Vibration Training, by performing calisthenic exercises such as squats, crunches and push-ups whilst sitting or standing on the Vibrapower fitness equipment, you can substantially increase the weight-loss potential of your activity.

Without doubt, it’s the easiest way I know to exercise. I’m loving the upgrade and my original disc is going to my Mum, who’s already tried it out and liked it!

If you want to take a look at our Vibrapower range, visit

If you have any questions on this technology feel free to reach out to myself, or Rick Hay, via Facebook or comment on this blog post.

Be well, Paul”

A fast and fun February for Hayley

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Ideal World presenter, Hayley, reminisces over a fast and fun February..

“February, well how was February? I can’t believe it’s already gone! February is very short, but has been quite sweet. Lots of the normal (dentist, family, birthday, hair, nails and good fun at work)but we were also lucky enough to have some time off work for Valentine’s Day so Shaun and I decided to do something different and decided to pop up to Edinburgh for a couple of days. Hayley Edinburgh

What a fabulous couple of days we had and what a wonderful city! We met so many lovely people, starting with an amazing lady in cabin crew on the plane – she was from Edinburgh and was such great character. She said the flight was ‘the love boat’ because it was Valentine’s and lots of couples travelling! She was fabulous. The taxi guys were great, the hotel was beautiful and pretty much everyone was so nice. We loved Edinburgh already and we had only just arrived!

We thought as we only had two days we’d try to do it all! So got the top ticket on the open top bus (open top bus in February in Scotland?! Oh yes!) and we were so lucky as the weather was beautiful – cold but a gorgeous blue sky. A ‘my Dads day’ he loved a blue sky, he also LOVED Scotland. We saw the city, saw the sights, learnt some history and checked out were we wanted to visit again.

Hayley and Shaun on HM Yacht BritanniaOur favourite experience by far was The Royal Yacht Britannia. So brilliantly set up, we loved seeing what life was like on board for the Royal Family. What an amazing ship, you wouldn’t believe how far it had travelled and how many important people had dined aboard.

It was such a wonderful trip and though only 2 days, we had enjoyed it so much and felt so rested it was like we’d been away a week. So it was back to work and back to the norm and then Doris came. Not Doris our duck but Doris the storm! She decided she liked our shed a lot… The back, most of the front and the doors were all affected!

Never mind, nothing that couldn’t be replaced or that we couldn’t live without. I was more worried about my mum walking the dogs at home in the gale force winds (“Please stay in!”, “I’ll be alright!”, “No, please stay in!”) and our lovely ducks? Where would they shelter? Well somewhere, as when our shed had left and winds had died down our ‘Doris and Ted’ were knocking on the door and straight in the house!! “Feed me!” All weather seems to make our ducks hungry, the sun, the wind, the rain!

So let’s see what March brings! Ideal World‘s 17th Birthday for a start and we can’t wait to see the Birthday deals!! Better start getting the presents ready.

Hayley x

Ps. Thank you to my friend and viewer Matthew for my Valentines card. Loved it x”

Fayon’s weekend away

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Hi there, Fayon here!

I’ve enjoyed a fabulous week off with 3 days spent at a spa with my mum, Pearl, in Richmond.

Mum’s had to deal with a lot of family illness and bereavement of our dear uncle recently, so I took her away for a little R & R and we’ve both returned feeling rejuvenated and energised.

We had a lot of fun catching up, a walk through Richmond Park, spa treatments and gorgeous food. Nothing can beat relaxing with your best friend 😘

I’ll be back on air this Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. See ya then!

Fayon x

It’s an early weekend for Sally

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Well the weekend definitely starts on a Thursday this week for me. It’s not often in our line of work to have a whole weekend off, so I am embracing this to spend it with my boys Frankie Jack and Gary.

Like all of us I have the nonsense jobs to do, that will probably take a whole day, but hoping that will be done on Friday.

Now we have our new lounge, I am obsessed with staying in, which has never been me!! I just want to curl up in my teddy bear onesie and enjoy a good film and playing with Frankie Jack. This weekend I am about to attempt to make my own chocolate again. Last weeks was just ok…lol.

Sunday we are out with very dear friends for a birthday lunch which I am excited about, it will be at the manor house where Gary and I had our English wedding and so holds a great place in
my heart.

My potatoes have arrived from Ideal World, so they will be placed on the windowsill and I hope to tuck in to one of the Lime Tree Pantry Pies on Saturday night, which I bought last week again on Ideal World.

Rock and roll lifestyle for me…hey!! I absolutely love this kind of weekend.

Love Sally x

Frankie Jack playing guitar