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Schools out for Summer!

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Ideal World’s resident chef, Joe Remblance, talks Summer holidays and Summer cooking!

So it’s here, finally after months of looking out the window at gloomy weather the kids have broken up from school and Summer has arrived properly. Ironically, as I look out of the window here at Ideal World HQ the weather is still decidedly gloomy. With the children at home and the garden out of action in this weather, I doubt you’re alone in feeling you’re on a nonstop freight train hurtling towards tantrums and tears. Desperate times call for desperate measures, by desperate measures of course I’m thinking bribery – as a kid, food was always the most powerful bargaining tool in the arsenal. So crack out the mixing bowls and get the kids involved in knocking up some fun snacks this Summer, who knows you might even get enough peace and quiet for a quick snooze!

Freak Shakes

I mean, realistically these aren’t going to help you in that cause for an afternoon nap for obvious reasons, however these are so much fun to make with fairly few simple ingredients and a few decorations. Crack out the blender and get going on some stupidly sweet drinkable concoctions.




The good old classic, I challenge you to get more icing on your sponges than ends up in your mouth, hilariously messy so definitely crack out a few old newspapers for this one. My favourite has to be a chocolate sponge, then add some blitzed Oreos to your vanilla frosting and finish with a mini Oreo, they look awesome but taste even better.




Waffle batter is incredibly easy to make and you can really play around with variations, I like to add a little extra melted butter to my batter to make it incredibly rich or maybe have a go at a chocolate mixture. Ice cream and caramel sauce have to be the ultimate topping surely, squirty cream and chocolate sprinkles perhaps if I had to have a second favourite.




Mmmmmmm doughnuts! Although a little trickier to make if you’re using conventional methods these are well worth the effort. If you’re frying them then surely the classic combo of a jam filling and granulated sugar dusting has to a be a winner, maybe Nutella filled and cocoa dusted if you’re feeling fancy. Go for a ring doughnut which are much more fun to decorate for the kids (me).


If you use any of these ideas, I can’t be held responsible for the mess I’m afraid – but if you’re looking for something to make creating some of these ideas a little easier then you need to grab yourself a Tefal Snack Collection. It makes creating a whole host of different snacks super easy, you’ll get recipes included and also its interchangeable plates are dishwasher safe….so just the sprinkles to fish out of the dining room carpet for the rest of the holidays

Make sure you keep tuned into Ideal World for a host of exciting kitchen gadgets to make cooking simple and easy this Summer.

Enjoy the Summer holidays!


Mich Turner- Baking with the new Kmix for Ideal World

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Mich Turner Summer CakesWe find out more about how Mich Turner MBE started baking and why she loves the Kenwood brand.

Having been baking since I was 4 years old when I used to watch Delia Smith on Saturday Morning Swap Shop,  I would stand on a chair in my Mother’s kitchen making pastry and cutting out shapes.  Even at that early age I would pretend I was describing what I was doing to my imaginary audience!

It was when it came to choosing my O Levels I decided to take Home Economics in addition to all the sciences as a preferred choice because I loved cooking, baking and at the same time wanted to understand the nutritional, physical, microbiological and chemical process of food.

I entered and won my first cookery competition at the age of 15 and then went on to study Biology, Chemistry and Home Economics at A Level with a view to go on to study Food Science and Nutrition at University.

Mich Turner

It was whilst I was studying my A Levels, My Home Economics teacher asked me if I would like to make her wedding cake.  I enrolled on a 4 day course with Mary Ford to learn the basics of Top Ornaments, Frills and Flowers and so the passion, skill and creativity was born.


I invested in my very first Kenwood at this time and used it for every cake, filling and frosting I made and baked.  This was quite a grown up investment for a 17 year old, but felt it was hugely important to invest in the key tools to be a professional.

I took my Kenwood with me to university and quickly became known as the go-to for baking on campus!  I’d make fruit cake with dried fruits, figs, apricots and dates and bake it with a layer of marzipan in the centre of the cake.  It was a staple of the 2nd year undergraduates at Surrey University!

I was sponsored during my 4 years at University by United Biscuits and spent my 3rd year in industry stationed at McVitie’s in Harlesden overseeing 750,000 Christmas Cakes for Marks and Spencer as well as Jaffa Cake and Biscuit.
After I graduated I worked as a Buyer at Harvey Nichols for Bakery and Patisserie.  It was in 1999 that I left Harvey Nichols to set up Little Venice Cake Company officially.  Since this time the company has baked over 10,000 bespoke cakes and it is so important to have the right tools for the job to ensure you get the very best out of each and every recipe.

I’ve made cakes for many celebrities and international royalty and was awarded an MBE in 2010 for my services to the Catering Industry.

Mich Turner CakesMy style is always involving – in my new book “Have Your Cake and Eat It” I feature Delicious and Nutritious recipes for healthier everyday baking.  The most essential element to have is patience to maximise every stage of the preparation before baking, filling or frosting a cake.  This is where the brand new Kmix comes in to its own – it’s sleek, powerful, easy to clean, versatile and robust to deal with the rigours of baking in my kitchen.

Don’t forget to tune in Saturday 18th March at 9pm to see me with the wonderful Kenwood kMix and my book “Have Your Cake and Eat It”.

Order your Kenwood Kmix during our Pick of the Day from 9pm Saturday 18th March until 9pm Sunday 19th March 2017 for just £429.99 and you’ll receive a FREE Thermoresist Blender! Visit today.

Quick Winter Lunch: Creamy Parsnip Soup

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Quick Winter Lunch: Creamy Parsnip SoupAs the chilly weather settles in, it’s definitely the season to snuggle down with a warm soup. Whether it be a zesty tomato or a hearty chicken broth, we all have a flavour we love most. It may surprise you to hear that soups are fantastic nutritionally, so we’ve enlisted Culinary Expert Joe Resemblance to share with us his go-to Winter soup recipe, perfect for an -on-the-go lunch! Continue reading

Getting to Know: The Hairy Bikers


Hairy Bikers

It’s not just the excitement of Christmas that has Ideal Towers buzzing this week! On Wednesday we’ll be joined by none other than Si King and Dave Myers, more commonly known as the Hairy Bikers. If you’ve lived under a rock for the past couple of years, these two rose to fame as cheeky, fun loving TV chefs. Combining both their love of motorcycles and food, this dynamic duo became famous for putting their quirky spin on culinary classics. Continue reading

Joe’s Quick Kitchen


With chilly days, shorter nights and the sudden urge to indulge in comfort food, winter is the perfect time to get stuck into some new recipes. Tonight we bring you Joe’s Quick Kitchen! Offering you a dollop of recipe inspiration from non-other than our very own Culinary Expert Joe Remblance. From potato dishes to delicious desserts, Joe will be guiding you through this culinary journey with a new recipe each week! Continue reading

The Great Ideal Cake Off

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Summer is the perfect time for baking cakes, experimenting with new recipes and indulging in good food. So what better time to launch The Great Ideal Cake Off?! We have created 11 delicious baking recipes in-house with our amazing Kitchen team along with stunning photography created in-house which will have you reaching into your screen for a taste. Our recipes are designed to satisfy all you keen bakers out there, from beginners to experts. We also have some amazing new baking products coming your way including Cake Boss, Tala and Swan. So keep an eye out online and on our TV channels for our brand new baking shows to keep you inspired throughout the summer and get ready to get your bake on!


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Cooking with the Cake Boss

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55526_6 piece traditional cupcake set (lifestyle)

If you’re like us you’ll be eagerly awaiting the return of The Great British Bake Off this week, we simply can’t wait to be whisked off into a world of buttery biscuit bases and soggy sponges! Get swept up in culinary inspiration, as the Nation heads into the kitchen- wooden spoon in hand- attempting the delicious recipes they’ve seen the GBBO contestant’s master! Continue reading

Discover Our Summer Recipes

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Get that taste of summer this season and discover our Kitchen Hub recipes! Whether you are entertaining guests in your garden, have planned a romantic picnic just for two or are thirsty for a girl’s night in, we have you covered with our appetising seasonal recipes. Our in-house team will have you cooking up a storm with our unique recipes and tantalising food photography which has just launched on our Kitchen Hub. Not only that but we’ve also got the cooking products to help you make your summer delicious! So whilst you try to resist drooling over our mouth-watering meals, here is a sneak peek of what you can find this summer on our Kitchen Hub.


Peasant’s Gazpacho Soup

Impress your guests this summer with this exotic yet simple to make soup. Keep cool with chopped cucumber and herby ice cubes, with the extra option of sprinkling a handful of crusty croutons to give this dish some crunch! Check out our Kitchen Hub for the full recipe.

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Ice Cream, You Scream

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Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Now the wait is over and you and your loved ones can finally have delicious homemade ice cream with the Chef’n Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker. You can create your own flavours in minutes and experiment in the kitchen. What’s more, it’s electricity free! Get the whole family involved or use this as a great treat at kids’ parties as everyone can prepare their own frozen treat and add tasty toppings. This fantastic and fun bundle has everything you need, including mixing spoons, eating spoons, bowls and even a storage tub which you can write on!


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