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Telescopic Ladder from Spear and Jackson

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This brand new Telescopic Ladder from Spear and Jackson is the perfect solution to limited storage space around the home and is one of only a few telescopic ladders that meets the new safety requirements. Made from high quality telescopic aluminium, this space saving piece of kit can be placed out of sight when not in use. Catch this handy must-have piece of kit in action on Ideal World TV at 9am on Saturday 14th May. Exclusive to Ideal World, the Spear and Jackson Telescopic ladder makes life simple. With a generous extended reach of 3.8m, all of your projects are easily within reach!


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Wagner: How to spray and mask your walls

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We have an incredible amount of deals for our Birthday event with the perfect products to revamp your home this spring! Now you can redecorate with ease and speed with the amazing Wagner WallPerfect W665 I-SPRAY with 2 Attachments, Handle Extension and Masking Kit, which also comes with a 1 year warranty. Read our top tips and watch them in action as we show you how to do it!

Top tips:

  • Wear protective clothing such as a face mask or goggles
  • Always spray at an even distance and at right angles to the object
  • Simple masking: Hold piece of cardboard parallel to your work to protect it from the spray
  • Get an even coverage of paint by using the cross-coat technique
  • If your work is interrupted for a long period, vent the container and clean the nozzle
  • For clean edges spray the edge with the basic paint first then seal it
  • Free nozzles from blockages with the help of the mixer
  • To care for your product lubricate single parts

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Paint Perfectly with Wagner

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If painting is on your list of DIY this spring, take a look at these 8 expert tips from Wagner on how to spray paint with perfection and create a professional finish.

    1. Make sure you always mask or remove parts that you do not wish to be sprayed
    2. If the surface is old or falling away, make sure you clean and lightly sand the area before spraying
    3. Remove dust from surfaces with a wet cloth
    4.  Always carry out a spray test first. As paint thickness differs, you can set the variable air control for thinner or thicker materials
    5. Choose the right spray pattern. The horizontal paint jet is perfect for working top to bottom, the vertical paint jet is best for working from left to right and the spot paint jet is great for precise applications.
    6. Always start with the edges or corners, then spray the surfaces
    7. Only change spray direction once you are beyond the edges to prevent thicker layers of paint when changing directions
    8. Always allow the paint to dry thoroughly (in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions) 

Find out more about Wagner and take a look at their products at here