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Skincare with Skinn Ambassador Brittney Levine


As the weather and seasons change, it’s time to think about updating our skincare routine. With our collection of the Skinn Collagenesis Skincare, we couldn’t wait to sit down with Skinn Ambassador Brittney Levine for all the beauty gossip…     1. As the British weather constantly changes, have you got any top tips to keep skin looking its best?

Definitely – during the colder, winter months, my skin personally gets really dry and chapped.  Exfoliating combined with intensive moisturising has changed my skin’s life for the better.  I had always thought that adding more moisture to my skin would make me break out or cause a reaction.  I also always felt that exfoliating was too time-consuming, so I only sporadically did it. Continue reading

Shhh! We’re sharing our Beauty Day secrets!


Photo Credit: Devoted to Pink

Tonight sees the launch of Beauty Day and with one of the biggest gift giving seasons fast approaching (scary I know) it’s time to get stocked up on all those beauty essentials! Whether it’s adding to your ever-growing cosmetic collection or simply ticking off Santa’s wish list- we’ve got all you’ll need and more to stock up on your beauty favourites! Continue reading

Top Tips for an Ideal British Beach Holiday

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Here at Ideal World we are busy preparing, pruning and packing in time for our Summer Bank Holiday event, so to get into the summertime vibe we are sharing our top tips to help you feel beach ready. With these simple tips you’ll be feeling and looking great in no time. And remember to check out our Holiday Shop online for all of your summer essentials!


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Gelled Nails

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Are you tired of chipped and tatty nails? Are you too busy for a salon and prefer to pamper yourself the comfort of your own home? Then enjoy hard-wearing and eye-catching nails with this Gelled LED Nail Kit and Set of Nail Polishes collection! These gorgeous nail colours come in fabulous sets of 3 and we have picked our favourite Pop Neons, including Electric Purple, Shocking Pink and Outrageous Orange. Once charged, the dryer is portable so you can even wander around the house whilst waiting for your new nails to dry! So while you decide on your colour sit back and enjoy this in-house photo shoot we created just for you! Do you recognise our brand new presenter Fayon’s lovely hands?


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Elizabeth Grant Moisture Sticks

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Here at Ideal World our beauty buyers are always working hard to bring you the best products for your beauty routine. Skincare is such an important part of your regime and we often focus solely on our skin. However our lips are equally as important, and we need to remember to take care of them in order to keep that youthful and plump appearance. To make it easier, our buyers have selected their beauty product pick of the week, the Elizabeth Grant Moisture Stick. And what’s more, you get four pieces in this amazing pack, so you need never fear dry lips again. So whilst you perfect that pout, enjoy this in-house photo shoot we created just for you featuring our Elizabeth Grant Moisture Stick 4 Pack.

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