British Pie Week: The brief history of pies


Traditionally, pies are baked dishes made using pastry to create a casing around various sweet or savoury ingredients.

Pies are believed to have originated from Ancient Greeks back in the 5th century BC (over 2,500 years ago!).

However, here in Britain, the pie we know and love today derives from Northern Europe. Instead of using olive oil, butter and lard were used, thus, creating a pastry that can be rolled and moulded – this is when the true British pie was born.

So, what’s this got to do with The Hairy Bikers?

With their irresistible enthusiasm, big hearts and love of good food, The Hairy Bikers have quickly become national treasures. Si King and Dave Myers have written 15 cookbooks to date, as well as travelled the world to create their own take on traditional cooking classics.

To celebrate British Pie Week, here at Ideal World, we’ve got the fantastic Hairy Bikers 2 Portion Pie Maker for only £20! The avid bakers are famed for their love of pies and now you can get their professional touch in just minutes with their pie maker.

So, whether you like the traditional humble apple pie or a wacky beef and beer pie, you can let your imagination run wild with this easy-to-use machine!

Coming Soon
Apple Pie 13 ( 18.31 % )
Steak & Ale Pie 25 ( 35.21 % )
Pork Pie 14 ( 19.72 % )
Cherry Pie 6 ( 8.45 % )
Something else! 13 ( 18.31 % )

Can’t get enough of pies? Check out Joe Remblance’s blog about his love of pies here!

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