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Here at Ideal World we just love an exclusive, so here’s an extra special one for you… On Monday 9th May at 8pm we will be launching another UK TV exclusive with these stunning watches worn by high profile celebrities alike!


Brera watches are quality, timeless pieces. Their design is unique and individual, as each piece looks and feels different. You only have to look at their luxurious faces to understand how much impeccable detail has gone into each watch. The interjection of colour, interchangeable straps, branding detail, as well as the actual construction demonstrates how there are many processes involved in assembling a Brera watch. There is also a very apparent military influence showcased through the over-sized cases.


Ultimately Italian design is the signature of this brand. The brand’s edge is that they combine Italian watchmaking with Swiss technical mastery. Brera is a family run business which was founded in 2008 by two Italian brothers. Their family grew up in the Italian hometown of Brera, a place which remains close to their heart. The brothers wanted to create a range of stunning, functional and unique timepieces creating an attainable luxury brand. Brera offers meticulous design ensuring the Italian heritage is prominent in every piece, combined with reliable Swiss-Made movements.


Brera is sold in over 250 retail stores in the US, including Barneys, Bloomindales, Neiman Marcus and Lord and Taylor. In 2011 Maurizzio collaborated with Designer Carlos Campos in 2011 and showcased in Fashion Week, raising the profile of the brand further in the US. A number of high profile celebrities have been seen to wear Brera pieces so you know you’re buying a quality piece you can trust. A Brera watch is for life!


Do you think our Brera watches look suave? Let us know and share your watch selfies with us on Facebook or Twitter! Or simply check them out online at

And don’t forget to catch these beauties in action at 8pm on Monday 9th May.


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