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Join us at 6pm on Tuesday 18th April to find out more about Benenden, an affordable alternative for you and your family. Their aim is to help members gain access to 24/7 advisory services from day one as well as prompt diagnosis and treatment after 6 months of membership (limits & exclusions apply). Benenden doesn’t replicate the excellent service offered by the NHS, instead, they aim to relieve the distress of long waiting times for obtaining procedures.

Benenden offers quality personal healthcare services at the affordable cost of only £10.25 per person, per month. They have no upper age limits, no exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions, no excess fees or fixed-term contracts, and their price doesn’t rise with age or service use. The price and services are reviewed annually. Please note that we cannot provide Medical Treatment or Surgery for symptoms where we have authorised medical treatment or surgery in the previous two years.

With a membership of over 800,000, Benenden is totally focused on its members, a philosophy it has followed since it was founded over 110 years ago. Their excellent customer service has meant that 4 out of 5 people would recommend them*.

Benenden Healthcare is designed to be an affordable way to look after your health and wellbeing: complementing NHS services as well as representing a low-cost alternative to private medical insurance.
The NHS is one of the most highly respected health services in the world, providing care free at the point of delivery. However, NHS resources often come under pressure and this is where Benenden can help with services from day one including; GP 24/7 and 24/7 Psychological Wellbeing Support.
Also, after six months you can request access to; Medical Diagnostics, Medical Treatment and Surgery and Physiotherapy. All of this for just £10.25 per person, per month.

As a viewer of Ideal World TV, you will receive an exclusive offer of a £20 Marks & Spencer gift card† when you join Benenden. You will also receive an additional £15 for every family member or friend that you add to your membership! There is absolutely no limit on how many people you add.

So cut out the worry and let Benenden help take care of you and your family. £10.25 per person, per month is a small price to pay for your family’s health and your own peace of mind.
Think Benenden could work for you and your family? Tune in at 6pm on Tuesday 18th April.

*of 1,208 members surveyed between June and August 2017

† Gift card offer details: a £20 M&S gift card for joining quoting the recruitment code IDEAL18 at the point of join. A further £15 for new members adding family and friends to their membership quoting the recruitment code IDEAL18. Existing members will also receive £15 M&S gift card for every new member added to their existing membership quoting IDEAL18. To qualify for the M&S incentive applications must be received between 18th April and 31st December 2018 and you and anyone added to your membership must be a current member when the gift cards are sent. Gift card will be sent via post within 52 days of the new member joining. No alternative to this promotion will be offered. Offer subject to availability.

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