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Our Guide to At Home Beauty: Your Spa Awaits

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Discover how to care for your hair, skin and nails like the professionals, from the comfort of your own home, with our guide to at home beauty.

Is there anything more indulgent than having a little pamper session? Sometimes nothing quite beats blowing the cobwebs away by treating yourself to a spa-day complete with all the decadent trimmings such as a facial, a massage and a full man-pedi….

Sadly it’s not always possible to hit the Spa (and your bank manager might have something to say if you went too regularly too!) but luckily we’re here to advise you how to create your very own ‘At home spa day’ complete with all your favourite beauty treatments to make you feel the bee’s knees.

Set the Scene for Your At Home Beauty Spa

At home beauty spa set up

First things first, we need to set the scene for our tranquil at home beauty day… where possible have the house (or at least the bathroom!) to yourself so you can really indulge in the luxury of some ‘me time’. Try to avoid having a time limit- no one likes to feel under pressure when they are trying to relax!

Get your biggest, fluffiest towels and bathrobe on standby, slip your comfiest slippers on, light some candles or get some essential oils burning and put some relaxing music on.

So now you’re ready for a serious pamper session… let’s hit the ‘spa’…

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First place to visit at our make-shift spa facilities is the hair salon…


Give your hair what it’s craving by jumping in the shower and giving it a full detox. Top hairstylists recommend washing your hair twice with a non-sulphate shampoo. By double-shampooing, the first rinse will get rid of any dirt or residue in your hair, whilst the second dose allows any beneficial properties from the shampoo to really sink in.

Next- treat yourself to an intensive scalp tonic at the roots, followed by a thickening conditioning masque from ear length to the ends of your hair. Leave both of these in for as long as you can (preferably overnight) before rinsing out to discover irresistibly soft and smooth locks.

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Next up it’s time to get that manicure you’ve been longing for- home style!

If you still have the remnants of a previous gel manicure and haven’t known how to remove them-now’s the perfect opportunity: Grab yourself a Gel Polish Home Removal kit which provides you with everything you need to get your nails back to bare basics.

The ultimate in luxury nail care and skin care have collaborated on a fabulous kit: the OPI and Decleor Hand and Nail Duo is the perfect combo to really treat your hands to something special. The nail varnish trio comes complete with primer, a beautiful shade of nude rose, and a glossy top coat. You can also make your application even easier by investing in a nail varnish holder; no more worries of accidentally knocking over the nail varnish on the cream rug!

Once you’ve applied your three coats and everything has dried, finish off the job by applying a sumptuous hand cream, leaving your hands looking and feeling 10 years younger!

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At home beauty scrub

Once all work has been completed in the ‘nail salon’ it’s time to grab a home facial!

Start by giving your face a quick clean-up by removing any make up and gently cleansing…then you can kick things off with the ultimate treat- a facemask!

There are so many fabulous and affordable options on the market these days; if you’re planning to make your home pamper nights a regular feature (which of course you definitely should!) why not treat yourself to a Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven Hamper of goodies?

No matter what your skin type, the hard and fast rule of skin care is to follow this order when it comes to your skincare and beauty products:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Tone
  3. Serum
  4. Moisturise

You just need to pick your products to suit whether you’re skin is dry, oily or somewhere in between.

Once you’ve removed your face mask according to its instructions, it’s time to cleanse again. A great product to consider investing in is an Ionic Sonic Cleanse Kit that uses both negative ions and its ultra-sonic action to help skin feel super cleansed whilst also appearing more bright, toned and clear.

We’d also recommend the Elizabeth Grant Youth Molecule Serum with Face Tool – a great little set which is designed to improve signs of fatigue and restore a more youthful complexion.

Round off your facial with a gentle massage using your chosen moisturiser and you’ll hopefully be left feeling absolutely radiant!

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Bubble bath

Finally, it’s time to truly indulge…. where it might be tricky to get that full body massage your craving at home (unless your other half happens to be an expert masseuse) the next best way to loosen up those sore muscles is to treat yourself to the ultimate bath soak!

If you haven’t already, then light some candles, dim the lights and get ready to relax…. hopefully you’ve had the forethought to run the bath whilst your facemask was on to kill some time; if so then your bath should be awaiting at the perfect temperature.

There are SO many different ways to pimp up your bath these days from, bath salts, bath bombs, bath fizzers or just traditional bubble bath- the world is your oyster! One tip we do have though is not to overdo it or mix too many different fragrances in the one bath…. sometimes they can counteract each other and you’ll just end up in a mess, so remember- less is more!

At home beauty supplies

Whilst you’re soaking- you can of course use this time for a bit of exfoliation or to shave your legs… but we suggest that you just lay back, relax and unwind… After all, it’s not every day you get to enjoy a spa day from the comfort of your own home is it?!

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