Adam Woolcott Talks All Things Gardening with Ideal World


You may have seen award-winning gardener Adam Woolcott featured on Ideal World in some of our gardening shows. We recently went behind the scenes with him to talk about all things Flower focused, ready for our Ideal Flower Show event this weekend!

How long have you been participating in the RHS Chelsea Flower Show?

“I started our first garden back in 2006 which was a garden called ‘Sanctuary’ based on a churchyard.”

What medals or awards have you won in the past?

“So far at the Chelsea Flower Show we have won four gold medals, a silver gilt medal (which is between a gold and a silver), we’ve won three BBC RHS awards for ‘Best Small Gardening Show’ and we also won ‘Best Courtyard Garden’ one year as well. It’s fun, it’s been enjoyable! To get any medal at a Chelsea Show is a great achievement.”

Out of all the gardens you’ve created at RHS CFS, which one is the most memorable?

“I think for me, it’s got to be the one that we named the ‘Dig For Victory’ garden, it was based on the second world war on the Dig For Victory campaign. it was called ‘The Old Gate’ and I just absolutely loved that garden.

It just had such an atmosphere and such a feeling to it. That was also the one we, fortunately, received the most awards for. My only regret is that at the end, I couldn’t just lift the whole garden up and put it somewhere else! We loved it so much. It was so heartbreaking taking that garden down. Bits were recycled and moved on to other areas though!”

Where did your love for gardening come from?

“That’s quite easy! My grandmother was totally mad on gardening when I was a kid and they had a very typical ’70s garden’ with lines of Marigolds and White Alisons! It was all very immaculate. My mum had the bug for gardening as well and I kind of just picked it up from my mum and my grandma really.

As a kid, all the other guys were out playing football and skateboarding and that kind of stuff and I was just gardening, growing vegetables, plants and flowers. I loved it!”

Do you have any tips for fellow gardeners?

“This time of year, if you’re cutting your grass make sure you keep the blade super, super sharp. A sharp blade will give a really nice finish on the grass and stop it browning off on top. Get on top of the weeds early too! Don’t leave them until they’re about 7-8inches tall, on a hot sunny day, hoe those weeds off and they’ll just frazzle up in the sun.

Keep on top of your pests as well, keep an eye out for them. Always best to catch them early rather than later, it just makes life simple!”

What’s your favourite plant or flower here at Ideal World?

“That’s always a difficult question, but for me, here at Ideal World I’ve seen Freesias, I absolutely adore them. They were the first bulb that I grew and in fact, they’re the first plant that I can ever remember growing. I also absolutely love Lilies and Gladiolas! There are many others that I really love as well!”

Love gardening? Be sure to tune in this weekend from 9pm on Saturday 12th May where we’ll be hosting our very own Ideal Flower Show which includes shows jam-packed with all the things you need to make your garden look stunning this summer!

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