A day in the life of Genevieve – Friday Fashion


Since joining Ideal World in 2011, Genevieve has been all over our screens, particularly when it comes to fashion!

We’ve had the chance to meet with her and see what she gets up to before and during the Friday Fashion show.

Prepping for the show

A huge amount of planning goes into each and every show here at Ideal World and here’s your exclusive sneak peek of Genevieve with the producers and fashion team before the show!

Meeting the models

Gen catches up with each of the models before the Friday Fashion show – here she is with the lovely Lynn Harvey in the Green Room!

The Green Room is a place here at Ideal Towers where all the guests and models can relax and get ready before they’re live on air.

Getting ready

Whilst Gen was getting ready in her dressing room, she was telling us how her dog, Alfie, got entered into a modelling competition – how sweet! If you can’t find the presenters on set or in the lounge, this is where they’re most likely to be!

It’s showtime!

Finally, here she is in her element, presenting the Friday Fashion show!

Want to find out more about Genevieve? Here are her top beauty hacks!
Watch Ideal World live here!

2 thoughts on “A day in the life of Genevieve – Friday Fashion


    Would love to purchase the ponte trousers but need them in a larger size to the size 20 a 22would be lovely

  2. AvatarJackie Norton

    I would love to buy more of your trousers but I am only 5ft I have to pay to have them altered which sometimes cost £10 per pair so they are not such a bargain as I can get trousers from M&S for around that price that fit so please see if you can make all your trousers starting from 25 ins to 31 ins in length I am sure a lot of people would appreciate it as every one is not as tall as your models I dought 4 pairs of your tapered trousers but then had to pay £ 40 to have them altered thank you


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