5 Reasons we’re ditching the gym in January

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5 reasons why: we're ditching the gym in January

Have you ever noticed that something peculiar happens to gyms across the country in January? If you’re a regular gym goer, you’ll know that there’s a distinct ‘January Rush.’ This is when all the gym newbies splash out on a membership and descend in mass, donning the latest fitness fashion.   

Credit where credit’s due, you have to admire them for turning up but If you’re thinking of joining this new crowd, or perhaps looking to cut costs by ending your gym membership in 2017, we’ve got 5 reasons to ditch the gym this January.

  1. Oh, the crowds!

As soon as January hits, and it becomes socially unacceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast, the Nation is struck with a sudden desire to lose weight. And while we should applaud the efforts of those who decide to shed those extra pounds, it’s impossible to deny that an onslaught of sweaty bodies crammed into a confined space causes a huge disruption to our workout. Nobody wants to wait for a free treadmill when they’re taken up by over-enthusiastic new runners.

  1. Cut the cost…

Sure there are cheap gyms out there, but being tied into an annual gym membership doesn’t make financial sense if you’re not 100% committed. Many people use the extortionate membership prices as motivation to get their butt out the door and into the gym, but this isn’t always the case. Statistically, many people will stick to their swanky new gym routine for a few weeks before forgetting about it. Don’t waste your money!

  1. A home gym isn’t a luxury for the rich and famous…

For many the idea of building their own at-home fitness spot is daunting, so they figure that joining a gym is an easier alternative. It’s not about converting the spare bedroom into a fitness haven but finding equipment that will work within your home. The Bike Box is the perfect example of fitness equipment that’s designed to fit within the aesthetic of a home. What makes this bike different is just how small and compact it is, making it easy to store, attractive and convenient (check it out here).

  1. Excuses, excuses!

Unless you’re lucky enough to have your gym next door to your home, getting there and back can eat into your own time. We’ve all heard the excuses “By the time I drive to the gym after work, come back, get dressed…I just won’t have time!” Working out from home saves you time and money from lugging your workout gear to and from the gym, meaning your workout becomes excuse-proof!

  1. A sense of Freedom

The beauty of an at-home workout is the sense of freedom it gives. Whack on those holey PJ’s, watch a bit of Eastenders- all whilst putting in a few spins of the Bike Box. We speak from experience when we say that most gyms don’t appreciate their clients turning up in their M&S PJ’s.

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