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More and more women are staking claim to their backyard shed, whether it be for gardening needs or simply a space to call their own. If you’re looking to create the perfect garden hideaway, we’ve got some top tips right here!

Get organisedunderpress

If you’re like us, your shed has become a dumping ground for old tools, creepy crawlies and items that haven’t quite made it to the Car Boot. First things first, clear all the clutter- if you don’t need it send it off to a charity shop or bin it.

Once you’ve removed the contents of the shed, blast the dirt away with a pressure washer that can get into all the nooks and cracks. The Wolf Blaster is great for getting into those hard-to-reach places with the Sky Reacher Lance attachment.

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint

Take your typical run of the mill shed from ordinary to extraordinary with a lick of paint. Paint it a calming colour like eggshell blue or go bold with an eye-catching crimson red.  Why not be daring and paint the door a different colour to the main body of the shed?

Put down that paint brush! Get the job done in half the time with the Wagner WallPerfect W665 I-Spray. With several attachments, even the most unseasoned decorator can achieve professional results.shutterstock_80427127

Surround yourself with nature

Whether you’re using your shed for a crafting oasis or simply a place to get engrossed in a good book, create a tranquil setting by planting some colourful shrubs. These Gardenia Kleims are the perfect shed-side shrub, both fragrant and beautiful.flower2

Or if you’re feeling adventurous add a pop of colour with the Hardy Gerbera
Garvinea flower, perfect for both pots and borders. This popular plant will bloom spring, summer and autumn and will happily grow in temperatures as low as -5c!

Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive! 

Decorating a She Shed doesn’t need to be expensive- it’s all about creating a space that’s inviting and cosy. You can pick up fantastic deals if you hunt around in car boots or even flea markets. The key to designing on a budget is up-cycling, pick up a vintage chair and show it some TLC to create an entirely new piece!

As the seasons change consider updated the aesthetic- there are absolutely no rules when it comes to making the space yours!

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