3 Reasons a Valentines Cruise is a must!


3 Reasons a Valentines Cruise is a must!

Whether it’s a moonlit tryst on the promenade deck, or a cheek-to-cheek dance in a candle lit ballroom, a cruise ship makes for the perfect couples getaway.  So if you’re seeking cupid on the ocean waves this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got 3 reasons a VDay cruise is an absolute must…

  1. Location, Location, Location…

When booking a cruise there are several factors that’ll make the experience even more romantic for you and your sweetheart. The choice of destination is paramount. Naples, Rome and Florence all conjure up romance, good food and fine wine, the perfect combination for a magical date night. Explore these fantastic destinations aboard Carnival Cruise Line’s brand new ship Carnival Horizon, which will take you to pastures new, whilst ensuring you have all the comforts of home.

  1. Woo your Beau…

If you want to impress your loved one, many cruise companies offer a fantastic array of accommodation. Princess Cruises allow you to choose from several different room types from Ocean View, Balcony to Family Suite!

Step outside of your room into intimate surroundings, find a nook in the cocktail bar or a table for two in a speciality restaurant for essential one-on-one time. If you really want to experience full relaxation, book a couples pampering massage from one of the on board spa retreats.

  1. Tick off that Bucket List…

The romance doesn’t stop the second you step ashore! Picture strolling hand-in-hand through quaint ports or charming vineyards. The beauty of a cruise means you’re not tied to one area, one second you’ll be sampling the cuisine of Madeira and the next exploring the boutiques of St Maarten, the perfect opportunity to pick up some holiday souvenirs!

Don’t just dream it, book it! You can view all these Valentines cruises and more by joining Dennice at 8pm for Planet Cruise, or view their fantastic online deals here: http://bit.ly/2ieqJsR

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