10 things you can make in your 3D Printer

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Find the solution to every problem with your 3D printer, from toys to home baking you can make anything!  All you have to do is unleash your imagination.

Here’s just some of the ideas we’re loving:

3D Printer Models

  1. Help your son’s train make it round the track by printing the missing piece
  2. Keep your phone safe with your very own personalised phone case
  3. Stay stylish and save money by printing your own glasses – you can even ask the opticians to add your normal lenses!!
  4. Have a perfect biscuit shape in mind? Create your own cutter from home
  5. Create a figurine of every member in your family – seriously!
  6. Has the hinge on your door broken early Christmas morning? No fear! Create another while you wait for the shops to open
  7. Kit your granddaughters doll house out with new furniture
  8. Build an army of dragons, skeletons or warriors
  9. Give a bird a home
  10. Design your own collection of Christmas decorations

Want to see what else you can make in your 3D printer? Join us for the show this Tuesday at 10pm! Don’t forget it’s on interest-free Flexi-Pays so you can spread the cost and get it before Christmas.

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