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Presenters’ Holiday Memories

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What is it about being away on holiday that brings out our most embarrassing, vulnerable and silly selves? Perhaps we unknowingly leave all of our dignity at the airport, or forget to pack our common sense. It’s as if the moment we slap on some sunscreen (Shaun we are looking at you…) or step foot on foreign land all logic flies out the door (Joanne and company you know who you are). Whatever the reason, a holiday is the perfect opportunity to leave your inhibitions at home and get involved (unwittingly or not) in some good old mishaps, misdemeanours and fashion faux pas (cough, cough Genevieve). Our beloved presenters share with us their good, embarrassing, and downright hilarious holiday moments. Enjoy, and try not to cringe too hard…

presenter holiday

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My One To Watch

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Now you may be feeling uninspired by the British weather to get out in the garden this weekend. But not to worry, that’s all about to change! We’ve got up to 50% off summer garden essentials this weekend, which means when the sun finally makes a reappearance, you’ll be ready to get out there and start planting!


We caught up with avid gardener Shaun to see how he was progressing in the garden, and what’s next on his gardening to-do list!

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My One To Watch This Week

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Hi everyone

Shaun Ryan in garden

Hope you enjoyed your extra hour in bed over the weekend. I was on quite an early shift on Sunday with the 3D printer so it was great to get another hours kip! I’m not a fan of the short days and long nights personally but I have to say there are some stunning Autumn colours in the garden again this year, quite magical. I did quite a lot of gardening outside last week but then ended up full of cold or MAN FLU as us guys term it so apologies for the croaky voice on the TV.

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My One To Watch – NutriBullet

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Good day all

I hope you are having a great week. Shaun here with just a quick update with what I have been up to with my weekly blog.

photo 5

I actually nipped over to the beautiful Isle of Wight last week on my days off to celebrate my friend David’s 50th Birthday. There was quite a big group of us and we all had a fantastic time. Now as it happens you to may know David as him and his partner Karl were on the TV show 4 In A Bed a couple of weeks ago and were the winners with their  B and B “Bosun’s lodge!“

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My One To Watch: Fabulift

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Hello once again to my regular blog followers and hopefully some newbies reading for the first time.

FabuliftWell I hope you have been making the most of the reasonable/pretty good September weather, I certainly have. I had a couple of BBQ’s on my nights off last week thinking they might be the last for this year. I have actually spent as much time as possible in the garden this week and its still looking quite good, although slightly past its best ( I know that feeling!)

Anyway Shaun’s ones to watch this week is definitely/absolutely/without a shadow of a doubt the launch of a new range called Fabulift launching this Monday sept 14th @10pm. The range is currently exclusive to Ideal World and you can be one of the first to try it this week. Fabulift is all about  achieving instant results in the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eyes, between the eyebrows, and around the eyelids and brows. I cant wait for you to see live before and afters  – they are incredible!

Secondly, it has been designed and developed by renowned cosmetologist Tammy Hollis so it is full of active ingredients such as peptides, amino acids, and hyaluronic acid to give our skin the long term benefits too.

I will be joined on the show by both Tammy and beauty presenter Peter Sherlock whom I am really looking forward to working with for the first time and I would love you all to join us.

One final note, I sent a sample to my mum and she has had so many compliments since she has been using it, she is already Fabulifts number one fan !!

See you Monday night at 10 xx

What To Watch Out For This Week

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Shaun and friends

Thanks once again to everyone for joining me for my weekly blog.

You won’t have seen me on Ideal World over the weekend as I have just got back from spending a few days on The Isle Of Wight where I caught up with some old friends who live there. We all went out for dinner on Saturday night at the Yacht Club in Cowes and had such fun and probably far too much to eat and drink but it was great to catch up and spend time again on the island.

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