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Chef Joe’s exciting new Kenwood kMix launch

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It’s all go at Ideal World, the team and I are all busy working on new products and exciting deals to bring you over the coming months.

This weekend sees the most exciting launch of the year so far for us, as we unveil the all new Kenwood kMix. The previous kMix machine was voted the UK’s favourite stand mixer by Which? in 2016. The Kenwood brand have proudly designed and manufactured cutting edge, stylish and efficient kitchen appliances since 1947. As the experts in food preparation, their focus is to ensure every Kenwood product enhances your enjoyment of cooking with the greatest of ease. Knowing the great lengths at which Kenwood strive to continually improve their incredible range, I for one am really excited!

Almost as exciting as this unveiling is the fact that I am being joined by a very special guest for the lives shows…..none other than Mich Turner MBE! Mich has made over 10,000 cakes and can count Her Majesty the Queen, Madonna, the Beckhams and Simon Cowell amongst her many celebrity clients. Having trained as a food scientist, Mich has gone on to write five international best-selling books and we are excited to have her showcasing recipes from her brand new publication “Have your cake and eat it”

Before then however, I am off to Sweden…the land of Ikea and the smorgasbord for a bit of r and r before all the excitement. I hope you all have a wonderful week whatever you’re up to and don’t forget to join myself and Mich Turner MBE on Saturday 18th March at 9pm.

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The Big Squeeze!

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The Big Squeeze!

When I refer to the big squeeze it’s not some convoluted juicing reference, merely my experience of trying to fit into any item of clothing since the festivities. If like me, since around mid-November you’ve been declaring “oh, it’s fine, it’s almost Christmas” then I’m sure this week as you stare longingly into your kale salad you’re starting to question the meaning of life. If this is the case you’re probably also wondering if you could just carry on with the good life and pretend not to care. Continue reading

Introducing Chef Joe’s Blog

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Introducing Chef Joe's Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog….I know right…me…writing a blog. I’m as shocked as you are, believe me.

“How on earth has this come to happen?” I hear you say, well, let me enlighten you.

A long, long time ago (almost 6 years now) a fresh-faced young whipper snapper of a chef popped up on your telly box at Ideal World. I would be telling fibs if I said it was all plain sailing in the early days…. Continue reading