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It’s an early weekend for Sally

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Well the weekend definitely starts on a Thursday this week for me. It’s not often in our line of work to have a whole weekend off, so I am embracing this to spend it with my boys Frankie Jack and Gary.

Like all of us I have the nonsense jobs to do, that will probably take a whole day, but hoping that will be done on Friday.

Now we have our new lounge, I am obsessed with staying in, which has never been me!! I just want to curl up in my teddy bear onesie and enjoy a good film and playing with Frankie Jack. This weekend I am about to attempt to make my own chocolate again. Last weeks was just ok…lol.

Sunday we are out with very dear friends for a birthday lunch which I am excited about, it will be at the manor house where Gary and I had our English wedding and so holds a great place in
my heart.

My potatoes have arrived from Ideal World, so they will be placed on the windowsill and I hope to tuck in to one of the Lime Tree Pantry Pies on Saturday night, which I bought last week again on Ideal World.

Rock and roll lifestyle for me…hey!! I absolutely love this kind of weekend.

Love Sally x

Frankie Jack playing guitar

Sharing the love

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Our presenters never need an excuse to share the love, so we caught up with Fayon and Sally to find out how they spent their Valentine’s Day…

It’s the little things that count

“Well I did mention that Valentine’s in my house is not the most romantic. I do believe when you have been with someone for as long as I have, every day is Valentine’s Day….joke!!

Gary left my card on my suitcase by the front door before I left for work as I leave for my morning shows at around 2.30am! Gary was sleeping on the couch because he didn’t want to disturb me as I went to bed early, and so I left his TWO cards on our bed (I bought him one from Frankie Jack as well). It is well logged in my brain that I didn’t get one from Frankie Jack…naughty Daddy, as Frankie Jack would say.

As you know we are making changes to our home and we have recently done up the lounge after 15 years, so we bought ourselves two suitcases and a hurricane vase with a candle as our joint present this year….very practical.

I always dream of getting flowers, but sadly always say “what a waste of money” when Gary does. The poor guy can never win!! x”

Fayon’s “Love“ly week

“As you get to know me better you will know that I love occasions, big or small I’ll celebrate everything! As I knew I’d be working at Ideal World on Valentine’s Day, I kicked off the celebrations early by cooking Laurence a special dinner on Friday night and breakfast on Saturday morning.

Fayon's Romantic BreakfastAll weekend there were chocolate hearts and rose petals scattered all over the kitchen table, which reduced significantly the day Laurence’s teenage daughters came over – I guess it was inevitable they’d start munching them 😉

On Monday night I was expecting a quiet night in as I would be up super early to catch a train to Peterborough. I was wrong, Laurence surprised me flowers and a reservation at a gorgeous Brazilian restaurant!. The seafood was amazing, especially the octopus in paprika… delicious!!

Arriving at Ideal World the next morning, I was already prepared with chocolate hearts to give to anyone I came into contact with. I couldn’t let the day pass without showing my appreciation, Valentine’s day isn’t just for couples but a chance to let people know you appreciate them and spread some extra love ♥

I am back home now and will be treating my wonderful mum Pearl to a spa break for a few days! So I’ll drop you all a line when we’re back all refreshed and recharged. Take care, Fayon xxx”



The Big Squeeze!

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The Big Squeeze!

When I refer to the big squeeze it’s not some convoluted juicing reference, merely my experience of trying to fit into any item of clothing since the festivities. If like me, since around mid-November you’ve been declaring “oh, it’s fine, it’s almost Christmas” then I’m sure this week as you stare longingly into your kale salad you’re starting to question the meaning of life. If this is the case you’re probably also wondering if you could just carry on with the good life and pretend not to care. Continue reading

Introducing Chef Joe’s Blog

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Introducing Chef Joe's Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog….I know right…me…writing a blog. I’m as shocked as you are, believe me.

“How on earth has this come to happen?” I hear you say, well, let me enlighten you.

A long, long time ago (almost 6 years now) a fresh-faced young whipper snapper of a chef popped up on your telly box at Ideal World. I would be telling fibs if I said it was all plain sailing in the early days…. Continue reading

Stargazing with Mike: Why I Love the Stars

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Why I love the Stars

When I was a child I always dreamed of going to the moon and flying in space. I would sit for hours imagining what it would be like to travel to far away galaxies and visit distant solar systems, which is one of the reasons why I was so happy when my mum and dad bought me my first telescope. The first time I looked at the moon through the eyepiece I felt as if I was there on the moon and that was it…..I was hooked. Continue reading