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Win Christmas: Linda’s Story


Win Christmas: Linda's Story

As most of us wait for the celebrations to start on Sunday, for one lucky viewer Santa came a little earlier this year. Here at Ideal, we understand that Christmas can be a stressful time, from under cooking the turkey to getting the perfect gift for that someone special. So we decided at Ideal Towers that we wanted to help out. Avid viewers may remember back in October that we gave one customer the chance to win a huge Christmas bundle filled with everything anyone could need for a fabulous, fun-filled Christmas!

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Quick Winter Lunch: Creamy Parsnip Soup

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Quick Winter Lunch: Creamy Parsnip SoupAs the chilly weather settles in, it’s definitely the season to snuggle down with a warm soup. Whether it be a zesty tomato or a hearty chicken broth, we all have a flavour we love most. It may surprise you to hear that soups are fantastic nutritionally, so we’ve enlisted Culinary Expert Joe Resemblance to share with us his go-to Winter soup recipe, perfect for an -on-the-go lunch! Continue reading

Thomas Sanderson: Conservatory Valet Service


With Christmas approaching and friends and family visiting, you’ll want your conservatory to be its sparkling best for the big day. But with cold and wet weather on the way, you won’t want to be using ladders to clean the roof or other hard to reach areas. Why take the risk? Instead, let Thomas Sanderson do the hard work for you with our comprehensive Conservatory Valet service. Continue reading

What on Earth are Air Plants?!

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What on Earth are Air Plants?!

Gone are the days of the wilting pot plant in the corner. Air Plants have cemented themselves as the new kid on block for self- sufficient household plants. It may sound like an idea straight from a Sci-fi novel but these root-less plants survive simply by obtaining nutrients from the air, which means not having to worry about constant watering, pruning or feeding! Perfect, right? So if you’re a proficient plant killer you’ll be pleased to hear these little  guys only require a small spritz of water once a week. Continue reading

Christmas: Top Toys for 2016

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Christmas: Top Toys for 2016

It’s that time of the year when children all over the country start to pen their letters to Santa. Gone are the days of space hoppers and ball-in-a cup games, now it’s all about the latest gadgets and gizmos.  If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for the child who has everything, fear not, we’ve put together our top toys for Christmas 2016 that we hope will give you the perfect gifting inspiration! Continue reading