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Our Buyers’ Top Product Picks

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As part of our #RightRoyalCelebration, we have some incredible prices and of course 90p P&P on absolutely everything, giving you more reasons to celebrate! We also thought we would share our Buyers’ top product picks from each of their categories. These include their favourite made in Britain, British heritage brands and the best of British design products, in order to pay homage to our Queen. These items are available at an amazing value for this very royal event and we want to help celebrate their British roots. “Happy Birthday, our beloved Queen! As a nation we salute you and the following products make us proud to be British.”

british collage

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Reasons to love the Tefal 45 in 1 Multicooker

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All through the years, beloved brand Tefal has offered you a range of innovative solutions for your cooking. Now we at Ideal World are proud to present the unbelievable Tefal 45 in 1 Multicooker. We won’t list all 45 reasons to love the Tefal 45 in 1 Multicooker, but here are a few of our favourite functions! See this wonderful kitchen gadget in action at 9pm and 11pm on Monday 6th June.

tefal 2

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Grandma’s Kitchen Recipe Books

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Everyone loves a home cooked meal by their beloved grandma, so to help celebrate our #GreatBritishGardenParty we have these absolutely adorable Grandma’s Recipe books to show you! As well as having stunning British inspired recipes to follow, the books also feature beautiful photography and kitsch chintz layouts inside. And for that extra personal touch we’ve selected our very favourite recipes from Grandma’s cutest books for you to enjoy.

Our Favourite Recipes:

scan0021 fixed

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Air Fryer Microwave: 3 Top recipes from Sarah Moore


If you follow our talented guest chef Sarah Linsell Moore on Twitter then you may have seen some of the delicious dishes she’s been creating with our Tower Stainless Steel Air Fryer Microwave. This all in one kitchen appliance not only features a grill and oven but also works as an air fryer and convection oven!

We just had to know how Sarah was creating such amazing dishes using just a microwave, so we asked her for her three top recipes!


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Nutrimaster Intellimix: The intelligent way to prepare food

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Get ready for an incredible Ideal World exclusive! The Nutrimaster Intellimix is an intelligent food processor, allowing you to cook the food of your dreams all within one compact machine. This fantastic piece of kit is all you need to cook creatively with style and ease. Weigh, chop, blend, mix, grind, grate, cook, steam, boil, stew, simmer, whisk, knead and more with the very clever Nutrimaster Intellimix.

intelimix for blog

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The Return of Bamix Swissline

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The Bamix is back! We are celebrating Birthday with the return of the Bamix Swissline, which makes quick and easy work of mixing, whisking, blending, aerating, grinding, shredding and chopping. Not only that, but it also comes with a ‘Cooking with Bamix’ Recipe Book and instructional DVD. The Bamix Swissline is the dynamic assistance in every kitchen!

Back with our channel is the no1 Hand Blender in the market (and at a market beating deal at £179.99). We show you exactly what you can do and exactly why this product is better than your run of the mill hand blender! You can even spread the cost over 4 months, spending just £44.99 a month. It even comes with a 10 year peace of mind guarantee! And for our special Birthday event, you’re even getting our amazing FREE P&P.

Bamix is back

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Birthday: Come and Celebrate

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Get ready to party Ideal World style! We are ridiculously excited to celebrate our 16th birthday and of course you are all invited! Not only have we created this special birthday themed photo-shoot in-house for you, but we will have an insane amount of deals on an insane amount of products!


We will begin the celebrations on Wednesday 13th April 2016 from 5pm until 8.59pm on Monday 18th April 2016, and you’ll have more than enough reasons to want to party with us. We know how to make you feel special with our best prices of the year on hundreds of products. These deals won’t last forever so make sure you join the party.

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The new Jane Plan 5:2

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We’re thrilled to launch our popular Jane Plan Diet meals as part of a new 5:2 format!

The diet plans are created with love and care, using a variety of locally sourced high quality ingredients so you can lose weight in an enjoyable way.

On the 5.2 Jane Plan Diet you chose any two days of the week to fast consuming 500 calories a day for a woman or 600 calories a day for a man (Monday after the weekend and Thursday before).

Leanne from Peterborough gave the diet a try and loved it:

I tried the Jane Plan 5:2 for four weeks and it is the first diet I have ever stuck to! The food is surprisingly delicious and filling, and because you only need to diet two days a week I could still enjoy my weekends. My favourite meals were the Beef Lasagne and the Mushroom and Porcini soup, and if I had any calories left over then I would bulk my dinner up with some low calorie vegetables like broccoli or spinach. All in all this is a great diet for anyone who just wants to lose a few pounds after an indulgent weekend or before they go off on holiday.

If you want to try a diet that fits into your life with minimal hassle, tune in to Ideal World at 3pm on Sunday 3rd April 2016 or visit

The School of Wok


School of Wok

Do you like tucking into Asian cuisine? If you’re experimental in the kitchen or a complete novice, the School of Wok can help you emulate the oriental dishes you love to eat.

We caught up with  Jeremy Pang, the School of Wok founder to find out what inspires him!

Why did you decide to pursue a career in cooking?

I’ve been cooking since I was 12 (so 20 years now), when we moved to Singapore, the hawker stalls out there served such delicious food that we just couldn’t resist… it really inspired me to want to cook. I actually studied biochemical engineering – and then moved into marketing, but I lost my job in 2009 when my dad passed away. So I started my path down the food road and started teaching people in their own homes. School of Wok has grown strength to strength from there and now here we are!

What’s your favourite dish to cook?

Hong Kong style Chilli Crab

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

Something with Rice – Rice goes with everything! In Chinese, we call people like me Faan Tong (Rice Bin). The great thing about Chinese cooking is that 1 meal is usually 5-6 dishes, so I’d have a whole steamed fish, some stir fried mustard greens on the side with a sweet & sour dish, and maybe a claypot egg tofu & mushroom stew… with the rice…. (is this cheating?)

What’s the biggest misconception you’ve heard about cooking?

That it’s just all about what ingredients you can get hold of! Cooking is not about whether you can get 1 ingredient or another, it’s about basic technique. I believe that if you can understand the basic techniques of cooking, you can cook anything.

Who are your cooking heroes, or who inspires you?

My dad – although he became a biotech consultant in the end – his true passion was cooking – and he always wanted to be a celebrity chef! Keith Floyd – I think he really made cooking fun on TV… Ken Hom – he has helped me to no end and supported my passion for our cuisine.

What would be on your dinner party menu?

The same as my last meal!!! You have to feed people what you most enjoy right? – Maybe with some simple starters beforehand (everyone loves spring rolls) but I also like lighter starters such as the steamed scallops with vermicelli that I’m going to show you.

Catch Jeremy and his School of Wok masterclass at 10pm (23/03/16).