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Hayley enjoys Spring Gardening

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Hayley and Peter on a Gardening showIdeal World presenter Hayley tells us how she became interested in gardening and plants..

“What a great day Sunday was, it was our Ideal Spring Garden event and was a fabulously fun day. The fact we were busy from start to end makes you feel good because you then feel that the products were right, the prices were right and that everyone really enjoyed it.

I was lucky enough to have two shows with Lloyd Ashford-Thom with amazing deals from Spear and Jackson and then I had two hours of gardening with Peter McDermott and what a show, packed full of things we all wanted!

I’ve always loved gardening and fell in love with the beauty of plants when I started working at the garden shows, I absolutely loved Chelsea Flower Show.

Hayley and Lloyd on their Spear and Jackson showI’ve had many jobs, for years as a singer and dancer but also for many years as a demonstrator of products at shows and exhibitions – Chelsea Flower show was one of these shows we did for years and it was amazing. Sadly we never really had time to look around but we loved the atmosphere as they were always such wonderful busy days! They were long days 8am till 8pm, but come rain or shine or gale force winds the show was always packed. The weather never stopping the gardener, they still came!

Staying in London was always so expensive and trying to find somewhere affordable near to Chelsea was a nightmare. One year we rented a flat which from the window  (when you stand on your toes and lean out the window!) you could see the Thames. Not long after we were there, we were lucky enough to see the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations and they sailed right past our flat on the Royal barge.

It was a great character flat but was further from the show then we thought. We would always try and stay in walking distance but not this time , first we did have a long walk to the tube station and then a tube to Sloane Square and a final walk to the show! It meant very, very early starts but however early we left we always seemed to be running past Chelsea Royal Hospital in the hope we would be at the stand by 8am in time for opening! And always forgetting the bag check at the gate! Perhaps we needed to not go to bed at all and should just turn around and head straight back out the door as soon as we walked in to the flat! We still loved it though, what a show to make you fall in love with gardening.

Make sure you tune in this week for a whole week of gardening shows, including 6pm tonight, 9am Saturday and 11am-1pm Sunday.

Have a happy week and countdown to spring!”

What on Earth are Air Plants?!

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What on Earth are Air Plants?!

Gone are the days of the wilting pot plant in the corner. Air Plants have cemented themselves as the new kid on block for self- sufficient household plants. It may sound like an idea straight from a Sci-fi novel but these root-less plants survive simply by obtaining nutrients from the air, which means not having to worry about constant watering, pruning or feeding! Perfect, right? So if you’re a proficient plant killer you’ll be pleased to hear these little  guys only require a small spritz of water once a week. Continue reading

Stargazing with Mike: Why I Love the Stars

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Why I love the Stars

When I was a child I always dreamed of going to the moon and flying in space. I would sit for hours imagining what it would be like to travel to far away galaxies and visit distant solar systems, which is one of the reasons why I was so happy when my mum and dad bought me my first telescope. The first time I looked at the moon through the eyepiece I felt as if I was there on the moon and that was it…..I was hooked. Continue reading

My One To Watch

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Now you may be feeling uninspired by the British weather to get out in the garden this weekend. But not to worry, that’s all about to change! We’ve got up to 50% off summer garden essentials this weekend, which means when the sun finally makes a reappearance, you’ll be ready to get out there and start planting!


We caught up with avid gardener Shaun to see how he was progressing in the garden, and what’s next on his gardening to-do list!

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Vintage Vax Vacuums

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Our dear Queen is turning 90! As part of our Right Royal Celebration (which includes 90p P&P on everything in case you hadn’t heard) we are launching some fantastic products. Royal celebrations like this are a great time for the country to reflect, therefore we are taking a fond look back at our extra special brand Vax, our beloved British floor care brand which we have supplied over the years. As part of the celebrations, we invite you to reflect with us by looking through this fabulously old fashioned Vax brochure dipped in nostalgia. Don’t you just love the retro hair? We so enjoy seeing how the Vax brand has grown and are therefore paying homage to the very first Vax model by launching a modern day version of the retro beauty! You can see it in action at 9pm on Sunday 12th June. To add to the excitement, our promo vacuum line is the VAX Air reach with bonus tools at just £90.

vax borcher 1

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Our Buyers’ Top Product Picks

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As part of our #RightRoyalCelebration, we have some incredible prices and of course 90p P&P on absolutely everything, giving you more reasons to celebrate! We also thought we would share our Buyers’ top product picks from each of their categories. These include their favourite made in Britain, British heritage brands and the best of British design products, in order to pay homage to our Queen. These items are available at an amazing value for this very royal event and we want to help celebrate their British roots. “Happy Birthday, our beloved Queen! As a nation we salute you and the following products make us proud to be British.”

british collage

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It’s our #GreatBritishGardenParty competition!

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Tomorrow marks the Queen’s 90th Birthday Party at Windsor Castle and to celebrate we thought we would hold our own #GreatBritishGardenParty! Join us for fantastic deals and exclusive offers over the whole weekend!

It wouldn’t be a birthday party without a few treats! So we wanted to give you the chance to win a HUGE bundle of prizes that’ll get your own garden party off to a sizzling start! Simply click here!Queen Continue reading

Telescopic Ladder from Spear and Jackson

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This brand new Telescopic Ladder from Spear and Jackson is the perfect solution to limited storage space around the home and is one of only a few telescopic ladders that meets the new safety requirements. Made from high quality telescopic aluminium, this space saving piece of kit can be placed out of sight when not in use. Catch this handy must-have piece of kit in action on Ideal World TV at 9am on Saturday 14th May. Exclusive to Ideal World, the Spear and Jackson Telescopic ladder makes life simple. With a generous extended reach of 3.8m, all of your projects are easily within reach!


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