Shaun celebrates 9 years of Garden Bargains

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Hello again and a massive welcome as ever to my weekly gardening blog.

This weekend is a very special one for Ideal World gardeners as we are celebrating Garden Bargains 9th Anniversary. We have a very special Pick of the Day launching  @ 9PM on Friday where we’re giving you a pair of Pink Standard Oleanders and a pair of 11 inch Tulipa Silver Planters for just £29.99 plus buy any plant, pot or compost until 9pm Sunday and pay just £3.99 P&P per item AND receive free Sweet Pea seeds. There’s lots of extra special offers throughout the weekend and during our regular 2 hour show on Sunday from 11pm so I really hope you can join us.

This week I have had my mum come to stay to help me with the garden. She is 76 and has quite a few aches and pains but nothing serious. She is very lucky to still be, on the whole, very agile and able to do quite a lot of gardening – in fact her own garden looks amazing at the moment.

The weather was slightly colder than we thought it would be so mum had to wear one of my old jumpers so is not looking her usual stylish self in the photos! She did a lot of weeding and general tidying up for me though and used one of my heavy duty pots that I often talk about on the show to collect all the rubbish in. We spent the evening watching a film with a bottle of wine and the left over Easter chocolates so that was really nice.

I haven’t planted up any of my Summer hanging baskets or pots yet but that begins next week. I also have my brother Martin and his family staying next week as he has his 50th birthday so I must make sure everything looks really good for his stay.

See you on Ideal World over the weekend when I really hope you can join us to celebrate Garden Bargains 9th Anniversary.

All the best
Shaun x

Easter with Hayley


So it’s nearly Easter. I’ve been thinking back to when I was a child, I don’t think we had such a long time off school back then, but I remember painting boiled eggs and decorating Easter bonnets at school.

Grandma and Grandad always came for Easter Sunday, we did see them most Sundays but any big family day they would come to us. I was lucky I had all four of my Grandparents until I was in my 20’s, so they were always a huge part of my and life.

When I was young we went to church every week, so obviously Palm Sunday and Easter were a trip to the village church, it’s where I started my love of singing, the sound of singing in church is gorgeous and did eventually become a singer and dancer.

Easter morning we would get up to Easter eggs at our places on the kitchen table, my Mum and Dad’s kitchen was always (and still is) my safe place, as it really always has been the heart of our home. My Dad built our house so every brick is special but the kitchen is where the heart beats loudest.

We would always have small chocolate toffee eggs in a long box with rabbits on and with lots of extra bits and pieces, toy Easter chicks or bunnies – an Easter bag of goodies. Mum’s Easter lunch was always amazing, Mum does the best Sunday roasts and incredible deserts. I never inherited Mums cooking skills but was thoroughly spoilt with fabulous food through all my childhood, late teen, twenties, up to the the present day!

Easter tea was my favourite, with a lovely choice of sandwiches and salad, freshly cooked ham, salmon, freshly made scones and cream and cakes and the most amazing Easter sponge cake with butter cream and mini eggs on top, with little chicks the works!

I tried to copy my Mums’s Easter cake, on a competition on Ideal World a few years ago, on a Kenwood Pick of the Day. Sadly I was pipped to the post by Dean, from Create and Craft, his cake was the winner, but I sill feel it was a fix!!! Mine was amazing! So many decorations!! Not as good as Mums but think a first prize effort had gone into it! But second place for me!

My Mum had a Kenwood and still swears by it and uses it every week and I can’t wait to be working with Kenwood on Monday at midday, we have such an incredible deal for you on our new Cheft Sence Colour Stand Mixer – just £329.99!

So this Easter Mum will be with us, I am working but we will be able to have Easter dinner together. Looking forward to Easter at Ideal World too, my other family, on Good Friday I have two fabulous Garden Bargain hours at 11am, which I love & always I end up buying loads but love the garden looking good and our prices make it so affordable and love having first choice on all the very different unusual plants that Peter brings us too. Had a big garden sort out yesterday with my G-Tech hedge cutter! Three green bins full! Spring gardening has really started!

We also have a great deal this weekend on the E-life bikes too, lots of my favourites over the whole of Easter.

Don’t forget, this Easter all our deals are only available until 9pm on Easter Monday! So make sure you grab a egg-cellent deal while you can >

So Happy Easter to you all, hope you have a lovely weekend. It is all about family time but remember we see you as part of our family so please join us for lots of fun, Easter eggs (I hope!) and games!!

Family, friendship and fun, I’ll meet you there.

Hayley xxxx

Shaun’s back in his garden

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Hello everyone or should I say “Hola” as I’ve just got back from my mini break in Spain!

Shaun in SpainMy partner Jay and I stayed in a little place called Sitges which is around a 30 minute train journey from Barcelona and really beautiful. It is very quaint with some lovely beaches, bars and restaurants and also very friendly so we both had a great time and even made some new friends! The weather was perfect for me, around 20 degrees every day so I have come back with a bit of a tan and feeling great – all ready for our big Easter Event launching this Thursday on Ideal World at 8PM.

Shaun at home with his own Mediterranean gardenLike most keen gardeners I love observing all the Mediterranean plants and flowers on my holidays and it’s amazing how many plants I spotted in Spain that I have growing in my garden and  greenhouse. The pictures show me next to a giant agave and also some bird of paradise plants, one of my absolute favourites. I’ve been growing one for years in my greenhouse which has never flowered but I’m hoping that might change if we have a great Summer this year. I also have an agave growing in a pot which I fell into once after one two many drinks and it was not a pleasant experience!

I gather I missed out on some great weather however too in the UK while as I was away with temperatures of 20 degrees+ which is incredible for April. I couldn’t believe how much had changed in the garden during the few days I was away and it all needs a good tidy up again. I actually have presenter Joanne and her family coming to stay on Good Friday so I definitely need to make sure the garden looks good by then as we like to compete a little when it comes to who has the greenest fingers!

I am back on the gardening show this Sunday at 11am with some brilliant Easter offers so I really hope you can all join me. We’ve got some exciting deals on our Jumbo Trailing Fuchsias, Pack of 3 Blueberry Collection and a Pair of 2L Pink and Blue Patio Clematis – they’re not to be missed!

Thanks as ever for reading my latest blog and I will see you this weekend!

Happy gardening
Shaun x

Shaun’s Birthday Purchase for the Garden

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Hello again gardening friends and welcome to my first blog for the month of April!

First of all thanks to everyone who ordered from the gardening show on our Birthday weekend, hope you all enjoyed the special deals and exciting new plants and products as much as we did.

Our 17th Birthday was the best yet (and I’ve been to all 17!) and I was so pleased to be a part of it. I actually worked quite a few extra days as I didn’t want to miss out on anything, but that did mean I had to sacrifice a few of my gardening days last week. However, as I was mostly on the early shift I did manage to get a few odd hours in the evening to do a few bits and bobs and the weather has been really sunny later on in the day so it’s been really nice to potter about early evening

I had ordered the patio sweet peas with pots last week from the Sunday Show as a present for my mum and they arrived really quickly so potting those up was top of my list. The quality of the plants was excellent and everything arrived very safely as always. Looking forward to seeing my mum soon and giving them too her, I know she will love them

Last week I pictured my narcissus looking fabulous but sadly because of the intense sun these are going back a little but the tulips are now in full bloom and looking wonderful so the garden is still looking really good for the time of year, even if I say so myself!

Thanks as always for reading

All the best
Shaun x

Ps One final important point- if you ordered lots of things from Sunday’s show or from any gardening hour don’t worry if everything doesn’t always arrive together in one go. Plants and products are sometimes sent In separate parcels for various reasons but often to make sure the plants are as fresh as possible.

Spray and Leave Birthday Pick of the Day


Paul looks forward to the Spear & Jackson Pick of the Day this Sunday 2nd April from 9pm..

Spray and Leave resultsSpear and Jackson have really knocked it out of the park with their fantastic Spray and Leave. I bought it last year and was really impressed, so I told my Dad to buy some this year. He has a large patio and has never cleaned it. It’s covered in lichen and would take a lot of work even with a pressure washer. He’s in his 80’s so hard work isn’t something he wants, and certainly wouldn’t look forward to. Hey, he’s never cleaned the patio, so I guess I’m right. But within 4 days of using Spray and Leave the results were amazing and my Dad is now telling everyone he knows about this amazing product. It’s easy to use, spray and leave… the name says it all!

From 9pm Sunday 2nd April Spear and Jackson’s Spray and Leave will be our Pick of the Day for an amazing price of just £17 for 5L and a 2L Sprayer with, of course, FREE P&P!

Less time cleaning the patio, decking, pathways, driveway and conservatory means more time enjoying your garden. And at this time of year as everything starts to come out of hibernation, what more could you want, than time to enjoy the Pansies, Primula, Daffodils, and my Camellia tree is just beautiful… watch this space!

Enjoy every second of Spring

Make sure you tune in between 9pm Sunday 2nd April until 9pm Monday 3rd April on Sky 654, Freeview 22, Virgin 747 and Freesat 812 or visit to take advantage of this fantastic offer.

Saturday Style – Launching 6pm Saturday 1st April!

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Launching at 6pm Saturday 1st April 2017 is our BRAND SPANKING NEW fashion show, Saturday Style!

This exciting new show will revolutionise your Saturday nights, so no longer will you need to go a whole weekend without your fashion fix from Ideal World. Not only will we have huge deals across a range of our most popular brands, but we’ll be showing you how you can create the perfect outfits for Summer.

Special Saturday Night Offers

For our launch show, we’ll be featuring 2 for £30 on our Nicole Crepe Waterfall Jacket and Nicole Crepe Trouser, which are both available in an array of colours, plus we’ll be introducing our new Nicole Two Way Print Cami for just £12.99!

Make sure you “Get the Look” by buying all three of these items for just £42.99!

So don’t forget to tune in with Genevieve from 6pm on Saturday 1st April 2017 on Sky 654, Freeview 22, Virgin 747 and Freesat 812 or visit

The NEW Vibrapower Slim 2!

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Hayley tells us all about the BRAND NEW Vibrapower Slim 2!

“I’m so excited… I love Birthday Celebrations! I love getting and writing the perfect card, making the cake and finding a perfect present, and for our Birthday I LOVE Free P&P!

We have the perfect present launching on Saturday night over our Birthday weekend, it’s the world exclusive launch of the the Vibrapower Slim 2, one of your favourite Vibrapower’s from my favourite fitness brand!

The Vibrapower Slim 2 is slimmer and lighter but also designed so you can control your work out from your wrist! It’s amazing! It’s so easy to use and to operate, and an easy ways to help you get into shape, help you feel fitter and help you to become a healthier you.

You can now operate the machine with a remote wrist band ‘watch’ that comes with it too! You can count those calories disappearing on the onboard screen whilst you just stand, sit or lean on your Vibrapower Slim 2! Start moving, start thinking about what you’re eating and get that happy balance into your life – it is possible to make those changes.

Why do I love the Vibrapower range so much?

It’s quick and simple to get a full body work out, I don’t even have to leave the house and can do it in my PJ’s! I love it because there are so many great stories as so many people have seen such great results, succeeding to get to how they wanted to be.

It was only the other day, when I took my car into the garage for a service, that one of the team called me into her office and said ‘I bought a Vibrapower from you, it’s fabulous!’ She told me of her story, that because of an accident she couldn’t run like she used to or lift weights any more. So after watching a show she decided to give the Vibrapower a go and loves it! She loves being able to exercise again and actually finds it relaxing after a day in the office and really has seen great results too. That’s why I love Vibrapower, it makes me so happy that it works for so many people.

For me, my perfect day starts with a workout on my Vibrapower, it makes me feel fresher, fitter and happier to start my day. Though I’m using energy whilst on it, I feel it gives me more energy back! I seem to be able to get so much more done on the days where I start with my Vibrapower.

Why will you love the Vibrapower Slim 2?

It’s slimmer, lighter and with a roller it’s so easy to store and move. It’s a great size of platform to work on which I think gives you more versatility and can create even more workout levels.

The wrist band ‘watch’ control is at your finger tips and so easy to work, PLUS we’ve brought it out in all you favourite colours.

Not only do we have an amazing deal for the launch, but we also have absolutely NO P&P for our Birthday only!

So please join our Birthday 🎉 Celebrations, with all our Fabulous Family, share our Friendship and come and have fun. All starts Wednesday at 5pm…

Catch the launch of our Vibrapower Slim 2 on Saturday night (1st April) at 9pm….

You’re all invited! Hayley x”

Make sure you tune in from 9pm on Saturday 1st April 2017 or find out more here >

Mike tells us why you should consider a Dormeo Mattress!

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When it comes to a great night’s sleep I think it can be summed up with one word, “Dormeo”.

There is somethinDormeo Mattressg about the Luxury Hybrid mattress that just sets it apart from so many of the other mattresses that are available in the market place today.

Dormeo truly understand as to what is needed in order to accomplish a great night’s sleep. Is it super comfortable luxury memory foam or the absorbency of pocket springs that is required? Dormeo don’t even ask you to choose because this Luxury Hybrid mattress gives you both, so one can only imagine how wonderful that must be like to lie down on, let alone sleep upon and that is just for starters.

On that point I shall ask you to tune in for our special Pick of the Day price for our 17th Birthday between 9pm Friday 31st March until 9pm Saturday 1st April – including a double mattress for just £249.99 with free pillows, oh and have we mentioned FREE P&P!!!!! It’s a deal you cannot afford to miss.

Take your pick from:

But don’t miss out, because this fantastic offer ends at 9pm on Sunday 1st April!

Mike x

Make sure you tune in to Sky 654, Freeview 22, Virgin 747 and Freesat 812 or visit to take advantage of this amazing offer!

Shaun in the Garden – last week of March

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Hello again all my gardening friends and welcome to my weekly gardening blog.

I’ve had a lovely time this week on my days off and have got quite a lot done as there has been a lot of sunshine around. I’ve managed to dead head all my baskets and tubs – I have about 40 of these so it’s quite a big job. I’ve also fed all my plants in the greenhouse, done lots of weeding and cut the lawns so quite a productive time in general.

It’s amazing how quickly the garden is changing now we are getting some warmer weather and we have changed the clocks. One of my favourite spring flowering trees has got to be magnolias. I have two different varieties in my garden and they have just started to come into flower over the past couple of days and look magnificent! I love the way they burst into full flower before producing their leaves, it really allows the flowers to be prominent and proud.

Now before I forget, don’t forget to put these dates in your diary for this weekend, my gardening shows at midday this Saturday April 1st and our regular 2 hours of gardening at  11am Sunday 2nd April. These are going to be extra special shows as it’s Ideal Worlds 17th birthday, they may even be FREE P&P on all the plants so please make sure you join myself and my great friend Angela

See you very soon

Shaun xxx

Joanne LOVES Gtech!

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For a number of years there has been a cordless vacuuming system that I have coveted… The Gtech AirRam! Can you imagine my delight when I found out we would be featuring it here at Ideal World? Instantly I told all my nearest and dearest about it and how superb its performance is, and let’s face it over the past 14 years I have seen quite a few vacs!

Anyway now, not only do we have one, I’d also impressed my mother and my sister…. my mom has her own set in Lincolnshire and my sister has hers down in Wiltshire!

Please join me today at 11am (and through until 9pm Monday 3rd April) when we will be offering the SET at the lowest price we have ever done with FREE P&P as part of our 17th Birthday celebrations. This is a picture of my mum using hers taken by my 4 year old daughter!

Order your bundle for our lowest price today here > or buy just the Gtech Mark 2 here >

Make sure you tune in to Ideal World during our Birthday where we’ll be offering FREE P&P all weekend!!

Genevieve looks forward to Ideal World’s 17th Birthday

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I am so excited to be celebrating Ideal World’s 17th Birthday!

I have been so lucky to have celebrated many Ideal World Birthday’s and it’s always the highlight of the year. I love the atmosphere, the excitement of the lead up and the fantastic shows. We love the free P&P too!

There have been so many great memories – meeting our live studio audience was one of the best – and funny moments both in front of the camera and behind; from talking ginger cats (Janice Philips) to fits of giggles and wearing a dress back to front (I thought it looked fine!). It’s great that we get to share these moments with all of our viewers.

The one thing that stands out the most is the pride we have Ideal World and the hard work that everyone puts in everyday.

As you know fashion has been a huge part of my life at Ideal World and I am so proud to work with our amazing team. Our fashion has grown  so much over the years and I especially love our Birthday FRIDAY Fashion. It’s always so busy with lots of new products, specials and, of course FREE P&P.

This Birthday, not only do we have a stunning line up on Friday Fashion, we also have a fantastic Pick of the Day to launch the Fashion celebrations.

I am delighted to be launching the beautiful Nicole Pick of the Day on Wednesday, you are going to love the new colours! From pastels to neutrals – I have my eye on a gorgeous red. I also think we may sell out! I won’t give away too much as I don’t want to spoil the surprise..

Then on Friday at 3pm join me for the spectacular Friday Fashion Birthday special. I have had a preview of the brand new ranges of prints, colours and our best selling tapered trousers with a new collection of summer colours, all I am going to say is that it’s going to be a very, very busy show! Did I mention Free P&P?

My other love is beauty and I am so proud of our beauty team, they bring us the very best in skincare, beauty and haircare and our beauty Pick Of The Day is SKINN, I am so excited to tell you that Dimitri James is flying over from the states to launch the new Skinn on Thursday night at 9pm. All the hero products will be available plus brand new products too! It’s my skincare of choice and I love the brand, so will you!

Join me at 9pm Wednesday and at 3pm on Friday for fashion and at 9pm Thursday for our Birthday Beauty Pick  Of the Day.

Here’s to another 17 years!

Lots of love
Genevieve xx

Shadazzle comes back for Birthday


Our lovely guest presenter, Dawn Lowe, tells us why Shadazzle is the new essential that you will fall in love with…

I absolutely LOVE Shadazzle!

I was first given a pot to try in September 2015, being told, “try this, its amazing and you won’t want to use anything else once you’ve used this!” – I was sceptical at first, wondering how a pot of natural fragranced clay would change my mind on cleaning, but gave it a go anyway; and boy, am I pleased I did! Shadazzle is the BEST cleaning solution I have ever used! (And trust me, I’ve tried a few!)

I used to work as a cleaner and later as a marketing manager for office space and new house sales. Obviously I had to make sure everywhere was spotlessly clean at all times using many different cleaning fluids, which were all toxic.

Shadazzle has replaced all of those and actually cleans my house better too. It’s an amazing product, it does actually clean, polish and protect anything I clean, which means it cuts my cleaning time down, as it’s harder for dirt and dust to settle on my surfaces due to the protection Shadazzle leaves. Plus the added bonus is it’s child and pet friendly, which means once you’ve cleaned a surface or toy, they are safe to use immediatly and won’t harm your child or pet. This was especially important to me as I have sensitive skin and a little dog, so if it’s safe for pets and children, I knew my skin wouldn’t react to it either.

I love the fact Shadazzle is not only the most effective cleaning tool I’ve ever used, but also made from natural sources too; just a natural French clay and green soap. This means it’s safe for me, as an asthma sufferer, to use and safe to rinse away as it’s not damaging to the environment either. The light lemon fragrance leaves everything smelling clean and fresh too.

I recommend it to everyone I know and am always praising Shadazzle – I get so enthusiastic about it that my friends laugh and try it anyway, as they know I never recommend anything unless it really works. They’re glad they have and now they also constantly enthuse about Shadazzle too! Not only is it environmentally friendly, but also economical too, saving money and space in the home. I just tell people to try it and see, they’ll never go back to toxic cleaners again.

Make sure you tune in to Ideal World for our Birthday event from 9pm on Wednesday 29th March where we have a fabulous deal on three tubs of Shadazzle, 3 extra applicators + FREE P&P as part of our Birthday extravaganza!

Dawn Lowe – Guest TV Presenter for Shadazzle

Watch the first Shadazzle show live at 11am Friday 31st March or find out more about Shadazzle here >